Support for the Business Central Universal Code Initiative

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Support for the Business Central Universal Code Initiative-Checkmark Apr 2023

Business value

It will be possible to continue to use all OPplus on-premises features without paying Universal Code fees to Microsoft.

Feature details

Microsoft has introduced a new program called Business Central Universal Code Initiative. The program introduces increasing fees for using non-cloud-ready code over the coming years. In short, end users must license a new module, “Implemented code is not cloud-optimized” if they use non-cloud-optimized extensions. The module is free to license in 2022 and 2023. You can read more about the program and the prices here.

OPplus on-premises fully supports the Business Central Universal Code Initiative except for local file storage features. To use all file storage features today, you must install an optional on-premises App (Continia OPplus OnPrem Extension), which is not cloud-ready. However, with 2023 R1 (April 2023), local file storage handling in OPplus on-premises will be possible without this optional on-premise extension.