Bank Branch Codes

In the following table, the fields available in the OPplus "Bank Branch Codes" table are described.

Bank Branch Codes

Bank Branch CodeThe bank branch code.
BICThe BIC (= Bank Identifier Codes; also known as SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication).
Bank NameThe name of the bank.
Country CodeThe country code of the bank.
Post CodeThe post code.
CityThe city of the bank.
Short DescriptionA short description of the bank.


The values of the fields Bank name, Country code, Bank Branch code, and BIC (= Bank Identifier Codes; also known as SWIFT code) are taken over in the customer bank account card, the vendor bank account card, and the bank account card by lookup.

Using the Import Bank Branch Codes DE function, the download (complete update or supplementary update) is available via the Deutsche Bundesbank's website.

Bank Branch Codes DE