Setting up Extended Features

If you want to work with the extended application function, there is an extended setup. In case of work with pmt. discount while applying, the application method must be set to Extended (the default setting is Standard) in the extended general journal templates so that you can work with the extended application function.

Ext. Gen. Journal Templates

You can open the Extended Features Setup via Actions:

Ext. Features setup Menu

After opening the window, create the setup data first:

Create Setup Data

Extended Features- Ext. Application Tab

Starting with version OPplus 19 the fields for the setup of the associations have been moved to an extra setup table of the module "Associations". This means that the fields "Association numbers" and "Search for associated items via association number" can no longer be found in the setup table of the "Extended setup" of the "Payment import" module as of this version.

Ext. Application Tab

Extended Features - Auto Application Tab

Auto Application Tab

Extended Features - Bank Import Tab

Bank Import Tab

Extended Features - Texts Tab

Texts Tab

Extended Features - Dimensions Tab

Dimensions Tab

Extended Features - Currency Tab

This tab has a reference to the currency tool. For further information, please refer to chapter OPplus Currency Tool.

Currency Tab

In addition, in consultation with your partner, it is possible to display 3 further fields on the currency tab. These fields are described in more detail with examples in the OPplus Foreign Currency area.

Extended Fields in Currency

Extended Features - General Tab

The General tab provides general information about the version and allows you to define general settings.

General Tab

The setup occurs via the payment terms: Here there is the field "Immediate Annuity Credit Disc./Refund".

Payment Terms New Field