New and Planned for OPplus

This article lists the features planned for release in the upcoming major release and those released as part of the most recent major release, including any features scheduled or released between these two major releases. Note that the delivery date can be any day within the specified month, and planned functionality may be postponed or not released at all (see Continia policy).

If a feature is released for public preview as part of the Continia Feature Management program, it can be enabled from the Continia Feature Management page in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. This program allows Continia to release certain features as minor updates between major updates and to receive early feedback from our customers.

Features can also be made available for early access outside of the Feature Management program. This usually happens in connection with every major release.

The table below indicates the availability of all features for public preview and early access. When a feature is available for public preview or early access, a green checkmark is displayed in the "Public preview" column, along with the month in which it was released.

Application enhancements


The table lists the features planned for general availability of the online version of Business Central. The on-premises version will be released within a week after the online version.

One to two weeks before each major release, a full preview version will be released for the Business Central online sandbox environments.

  1. The release date for this feature is yet to be determined.

Detailed changelog

For each release of OPplus, Continia's detailed changelog is updated with a description of what has changed. You can find the full changelogs here.

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