SEPA 3.xx

The latest version of the SEPA format is integrated in OPplus and will be updated accordingly in case of changes in the specification of the data formats (e.g. changes in the structure of the header).

Pmt. Schemas Orderer Bank (BIC required)

If the orderer bank is located in a country outside the European Economic Area, it is mandatory that the BIC code is also transmitted in the created file. The IBAN-only rule does not apply in such cases.

In OPplus payment transactions the BIC code is written into the payment file if it is stored as information. Due to the IBAN-only check, no error messages are generated in OPplus if the BIC code is missing in a payment proposal or in a payment file in which it would be necessary due to a transaction outside the validity range of the IBAN-only regulation. In order to map or intercept this peculiarity, corresponding setups must be carried out in the payment scheme for the orderer bank. For this purpose, the "Pmt. Schemas Orderer Bank" the field "BIC mandatory" is available. If this field is activated, the system checks whether the BIC code is filled.


The options are:

  • Blank - The standard tests apply. The standard checks mean the following in the current SEPA format: In the first step, the application checks the IBAN of the orderer and the recipient. If there is a discrepancy here in the country code of the IBAN (analysis of the first two characters), the next check takes place.
  • Yes - A BIC code must be specified for this payment scheme orderer bank. Otherwise an error message will be generated in the payment transaction.
  • No - No BIC code needs to be entered, no error message will be generated.

This analyzes whether a corresponding schema exists for the orderer bank. If this is the case, the SEPA version fields are checked.

SEPA check

If the current SEPA version is stored here, a warning is generated when creating a payment proposal if the BIC code is missing.

If no payment scheme is found during the check, the system analyzes the setup of the Pmt. Export Setup with regard to the SEPA versions stored there:

SEPA check

If the current SEPA formats are stored here, a corresponding warning is generated in payment transactions if the BIC code is missing. If the current SEPA format is not found at this point, no warning is generated in the payment transaction.


Examples of the behavior of OPplus in payment export with different setup constellations:

Schema foundSetting BIC checkBIC availableSEPA version depositedCountry Recipient = Country OrdererResult in the Pmt. Header
yesyesyes3.0 or highernono message
yesyesno3.0 or highernoerror
yesnono3.0 or highernono message
yesblankno3.0 or highernowarning
yesblankno3.0 or higheryesno message
no/no3.0 or highernowarning
no/no3.0 or higheryesno message

Error message generated at the payment proposal header, if applicable:

SEPA check

Warning message generated at the payment proposal header, if applicable:

SEPA check

Pmt. Transactions Schemas (BIC + address required)

As with the orderer bank, the receiving bank must also contain a BIC code if it is located outside the European Economic Area. The behavior of the checks is similar to that of the orderer bank (see above). However, the setup takes place in the Payment Transactions Schemas table. Here the field "Ben. Bank BIC mandatory" is evaluated.

If a corresponding test is to take place, the following setup is useful:

SEPA check

The field "Ben. Bank BIC / SWIFT / Branch No." is to be left empty and the BIC check is to be activated with "Yes". This setup means that a SEPA file from DE to CH with empty BIC code will generate an error.

For SEPA direct debits it is now valid in addition to the BIC code that also the address (of the payer) has to be checked if the bank of the payer is located outside the European Economic Area. A setup is accordingly possible in OPplus in the payment transactions schemas.

The "Transfer Postal Address" field is set to "Yes" for this purpose.

SEPA check

In this case, if the address is not fully maintained for the customer, the user will receive the following error in the payment proposal header:

SEPA check

To avoid the error, the fields

-Name -Address -Location -Country/Region Code to be maintained at the card of the person account.