Introducing the Factoring Module

The Factoring module in OPplus for Business Central facilitates the use of factoring as a source to secure financing or protect your liquidity. If you have chosen to sell receivables to a factoring company to avoid delayed incoming payments or even loss of receivables, the OPplus Factoring module is a convenient option. With the Factoring module, you can map the entire process from selecting open entries for creating factoring proposals to exporting them into files in the desired data formats and monitoring the exported receivables.

OPplus Factoring already provides all the basic functionality required for factoring your receivables. Due to high adaptability on the part of the partner or customer, special requirements of factoring companies can also be implemented without much effort. OPplus Factoring is designed for both silent and open factoring.

Overview of basic functionality:

  • You can set up an unlimited number of factors.
  • You have the freedom to select which companies should participate in factoring, which is centrally managed in a dedicated customer selected for factoring.
  • You can quickly and flexibly specify which customers should participate in factoring.
  • You can create any number of proposals for factoring and edit them before exporting them to the factor.
  • You can implement various file structures using data exchange definitions to meet the different requirements of the factoring companies.
  • You can provide the factor with a file containing reconciled receivables up to any given cutoff date.

You can find more information on setting up a factor and creating factoring proposals in different articles in this section.