Detailed Changelog for Continia OPplus 2023 R2

This article lists all new updates, features, service packs, and hotfixes for Continia OPplus 2023 R2.


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OPplus 2023 R2, Service Pack 2, Hot fix 1

Release date: February 14, 2024
SaaS (Online) version: 23.2.1
On-premises version: 23.2.1

New or changed functionality

Functional AreaDescriptionID
Payment ExportThe Skip Customer Bank Account Validation field has been added to the OPP Payment Type. You can use this field to skip the validation process for the customer bank account when creating a customer payment proposal in OPplus. This function is particularly useful when creating customer payment proposals of type Check where the customer bank account is unknown.52957
Payment ImportIt is now possible to import CSV files from an Azure blob storage. However, there are some restrictions that need to be kept in mind. The file filter must be unique enough to identify the file if it is located in a folder. In case you want to keep files in separate folders, the storage location must be in the root of the blob storage. The process does not take subfolders into account.53270
Payment ImportNew field Posting Method Ext. App. is added to the extended general journal batch page. If this field is used, the extended application method from this field will have a higher priority than the Posting Method Ext. App. from the same field in the payment import setup.52827

Bug Fixes

Functional AreaDescriptionID
Payment ImportWhen using the alternative application method set to Extended on Entries and applying entries with a payment that includes a payment discount, in some cases, the open amount would double instead of being cleared. This issue has been resolved.53325

OPplus 2023 R2, Service Pack 2

Release date: February 9, 2024
SaaS (Online) version: 23.2.0
On-premises version: 23.2.0

New or changed functionality

Functional AreaDescriptionID
Payment ExportIf you want to create files for SEPA and SEPA direct debit, you can now use the category purpose code . To enable this functionality, you need to create a payment transaction scheme. To position the category purpose code, use the following: "CtgyPurp: Positioning of CtgyPurp". To use structured address formatting, set "Structured Addresses" to "Yes".52890
Payment ExportWhen generating payment proposals for vendors, the Remit-to Code in the vendor ledger entries will now be taken into account. If the Remit-to Code field is populated, the address on the payment proposal will be replaced with the address from the Remit-to Code. This means that payment proposals will be split based on the Remit-to Code to properly handle different addresses.52512
Payment ImportThere were performance issues when creating accounting rules in the extended cash receipt journals. To reduce calculation time, the fields Last Date Used and Quantity Used were moved to a separate page called Acc. Rules incl. Usage Information.52678

Bug fixes

Functional AreaDescriptionID
Ext. Fixed AssetsThe Report Capital Additions now includes the acquisition costs of a fixed asset that has been reclassified as a real fixed asset. However, it is important to note that the original fixed asset from which the real fixed asset was derived must be filled in the new field labeled Originate Fixed Asset.52546
OtherWhen creating reminders, a wrong entry check was implemented on vendor ledger entries. If there is no amount due, no vendor entry will be created. We have added a date filter to enhance this check. Additionally, we have fixed the issue of canceling issued reminders.52932
OtherWhen using the AWV Entry List, the Sum Payment of Amount field was not updating correctly when changing something. This issue has been resolved.52098
Payment ExportIn some cases, while creating an ISO or SEPA payment file, Business Central Country/Region Code was used instead of the ISO Code for the country. For example, DEU was used instead of DE for Germany. This issue has been resolved.52166
Payment ExportWhen creating the QR reference, remove all alpha characters from the document number before concatenating the reference string.51935
Payment ExportThe transaction codes in the BACS files for the contra record have been corrected. For debit records, code 17 was mistakenly used instead of 99. The correction involves using code 17 for debit records and code 99 for credit records at the contra record level. Additionally, the calculation of the processing date and expiration date was not precise enough. The date calculation has been corrected based on the Posting Date of the Payment Proposal. Creation date (always the first bank working day after the Posting Date), Processing date (Creation date + 1 day), and Expiration date (Processing date + 1 day) have been recalculated, provided they are bank working dates.53264
Payment ImportThere was a bug in the calculation of Balance (LCY) field in some scenarios when using the report Pmt. Import to Gen. Jnl. Line. This bug has been fixed. There was a bug in the calculation of the Balance (LCY) field in some scenarios when using the report Pmt. Import to Gen. Jnl. Line. This bug has been fixed.49666
Payment ImportThere was an incorrect filter set for the G/L account subpage when using Easy Match in OPplus. This issue has now been resolved.52970
Payment ImportAn error occurred while trying to insert a document number into the Applies-to Doc. No. field in the extended cash receipt journal. This error only occurred when the fields Posting Date, Document Type, Document No., and Account Type were filled. However, no such error was encountered while using the general journals in Business Central. As a result, the behavior of the extended cash receipt journal was aligned with that of the general journals.51945
Payment ImportThere was an issue with the VAT Key Code field in the CSV port which caused incorrect updating of corresponding fields in the general journal. This issue has been resolved.51513
Payment ImportWhen using the Easy Match feature in OPplus, you can apply entries either from the header or from the lines. However, an inconsistency was identified where the header invoked the OPplus Extended Application while the line action opened the standard application. This issue has been resolved.52476

OPplus 2023 R2, Service Pack 1, Hot Fix 1

Release date: December 21, 2023
SaaS (Online) version: 23.1.1
On-premises version: 23.1.1

New or changed functionality

Functional areaDescriptionID
General ApplicationMore custom telemetry was added to gain more insights, specifically on importing and exporting entries.51610
OtherOptimized process for renaming and deleting a customer in relation to factoring data.51001
OtherAdded the language layers for Spanish (ES) and Dutch (NL) to the OPplus Factoring module.51002
OtherUpon initialization of the OPplus Factoring module, a numerical sequence is generated to facilitate factoring proposals and improve the user experience.51077
OtherSeveral captions in the OPplus Factoring module were modified to enhance the user experience.51547
Payment ImportA new event named OnBeforeWriteSWIFTHeader has been added to the codeunit OPP Clearing SWIFT. This will allow for adjustments to be made to certain information before writing the SWIFT header.51384
Payment ImportA new event OnBeforeCopyDimFromAppliedEntry has been added for codeunit OPP Ext. Gen. Jnl.-Apply. A new event OnBeforeCopyEntryDimtoGenJnlLine has been added for codeunit OPP DimensionTools.50647

Bug fixes

Functional areaDescriptionID
OtherWhen attempting to add customers with the same primary key from multiple companies to the Factor Customer table (e.g., customer 50000 from company A and customer 50000 from company B) to the Factor Customer table, only the first customer was added. This issue has been resolved.51673
Payment ExportDuring the upgrade process from OnPrem to SaaS, the SHA Hash Value that is not required for SaaS could not be set to false, but now it is automatically set to false by the upgrade routine.51504
Payment ImportIf multiple posted lines contained entries to be applied, the different customer posting groups were not considered. This issue has been resolved.51509
Payment ImportWhen using the Cancel individual clearing for payment function in combination with Post Pmt. Sum set to true, all entries related to the transaction were reversed instead of the individually selected entry. This issue has been fixed.51039
Payment ImportA var was missing for a parameter in procedure OnBeforeApplyAccount_InPmtImp in Report 5157803 OPP Pmt. Imp. to Gen. Jnl Line. This has been fixed.51581
VATThere was a problem with the Adjust Exchange Rate Difference feature in the Trial Balance and VAT Setup that affected the calculation and posting of exchange rates. Specifically, when a payment was posted for an invoice with a different exchange rate than the original invoice that had adjusted exchange rates due to a later posting date, issues arose. This has been fixed.50329
VATWhen running the report OPP Ext. Account Schedule, an empty page has been printed after a page break. This has been fixed.50601

OPplus 2023 R2, Service Pack 1

Release date: November 14, 2023
SaaS (Online) version: 23.1.0
On-premises version: 23.1.0

New or changed functionality

Functional areaDescriptionID
Demo ToolUpdated Cronus data for Business Central 23. Changes include updated names for demo customers and vendors.49790
General ApplicationIntroduction of new events: OnBeforeGenJnlPostLineRunWithCheckPostSalesPaymentPlan
Introduction of new fields:
OPP Orig. Currency Code and OPP Original Amount (FCY) in BC standard G/L entry pages.
General ApplicationOPplus is now available for LI on Microsoft AppSource.49396
OtherAddition of the new Factoring module. Documentation for this feature will be available shortly.47859
Payment ExportNew events added for codeunits OPP Clearing ISO, OPP Clearing ISO CH DD, and OPP Clearing ISO CH:
Payment ExportAddition of OnBeforePostPaymentevent for codeunit OPP Clearing.49907
Payment ExportIntroduction of OnAfterClearingAfterCommit event for codeunit OPP Clearing, allowing the possibility to skip Advice Sending.50543
Payment ExportNew OnBeforeCheckBlockedAccounts event for Table OPP Payment Proposal Header.50860

Bug fixes

Functional areaDescriptionID
Payment ExportThe automatic selection of the payment notification report under the Advice Shipping Automatic > Run Report option wasn't linked to the OPP Report Selection.50126
Payment ImportThe fields Payment Discount % and Posting Payment Amount will now be filled using the LookUp and Validation of the Applies to Doc. No. field.50394
Payment ImportIn the German language layer for accounting rules, selecting the document type Empty was previously unavailable, which has now been rectified.50871

OPplus 2023 R2

Release date: October 2, 2023
SaaS (Online) version: 23.0.0
On-premises version: 23.0.0

New or changed functionality

Functional areaDescriptionID
General ApplicationTo gain more insights into the usage of OPplus modules and UX, additional custom telemetry has been introduced with this release.48178
General ApplicationA new error message will display during blob storage connection test if an incorrect "Shared Access Key" is entered.48442
Country and RegionalReport OPP CH Print QR (5157944) now includes document and account number in QR reference of payment part.46423
Demo ToolThe OPplus Demo Tool report now includes license activation-check integration for SaaS-environments.46863
Ext. Fixed AssetsCustomers can now easily add write-up information to the Fixed Asset Book Value report dataset and layout.48100
General ApplicationThe Customer- and Vendor Open Item Lists now export ledger comments to Excel.49338
General ApplicationCanada has been added to the countries supported by OPplus.49405
General ApplicationCleanup of publisher events deprecated by Microsoft.46934
General ApplicationThe field "Account Name" is now available in the Extended General Journal Templates ZE-ERW and ZA-ERW.46159
General ApplicationA performance improvement was made in the G/L Open Entries Application by changing a key.47061
General ApplicationThe activation wizard for OPplus will now start without pre-selected modules. The partner or customer must manually select the modules they want to activate.48889
General ApplicationThe G/L Entry application has been improved for better performance.46277
General ApplicationAdditional telemetry was added to gain insights on user discount handling during payment export.47264
General ApplicationA new event OnBeforeAccountIsAllowed has been added for report OPP Pmt. Imp. to Gen.Jnl.46433
General ApplicationA new event OnAfterValidateShortcutDimCode has been added for page OPP Ext. Payment Journal.46665
General ApplicationA new event OnBeforeProcessNAD has been added for report OPP Pmt. Imp. v. REMADV and PI.46714
General ApplicationThe performance of the OPplus Role Center was improved by shifting to temporary tables and using background tasks for calculating values.46731
OtherOPplus now includes a separate app for transferring Dynamo archive data.48237
OtherThe description field for Installments has been expanded to allow for up to 100 characters of text.49014
OtherA new parameter MakeDoc has been added to the existing subscriber event OnMakeReminderOnAfterCalcShouldMakeDoc in Codeunit OPP Ext. Reminder Tools.47182
OtherA year ago, shortcut dimensions 3-8 were incorporated into the OPP Open G/L Entry pages in order to align with the Business Central standard. However, performance issues were detected when calculating these flowfields while opening the pages. To address this, the shortcut dimension fields have been relocated to a separate FactBox. This FactBox can be made visible by customizing the pages.46198
Payment ExportThe AT-specific import function for Bank Sort Codes has been discontinued in OPplus. You can now use the Import European BIC' report, which offers identical results. Please note that the 'Import Bank Branch Codes AT' report has been marked as obsolete and is no longer accessible. 47261
Payment ExportTwo new events have been added for the report OPP Vendor Create Pmt. Prop. These events are called 'OnAfterPreCollectVendors_InVendorPmt' and 'OnAfterGetEntriesOnAfterGetRecordCollectEntries.' These events have been added specifically for the creation process of payment proposals.47125
Payment ExportAn ISO payment file can now include the LclInstrm section, which means that the Payment Transaction Scheme now includes a "ISO Local Instrument" field. The "PmtTpInf" procedure in codeunit "OPP Clearing ISO" has been updated to reflect this change.

Additionally, it is now possible to omit the ChrgBr section from an ISO payment file. Previously, it was only possible to either display it in the header or line information. To address this, a new option called "Leave out" has been added to the "Position of Charge Bearer" field in the OPP payment transaction schema.
Payment ExportWe have added a new option called "SEPA" to the SvcLvl section for ISO payment files. Additionally, we have introduced a new field called "ISO Purpose Code" in the "OPP Payment Transaction Scheme." This ISO Purpose Code will be displayed in the <Purp><Prtry>ISO Purpose Code</Prtry></Purp> section after <CdtrAcct>.These changes have been made to allign with requirements for the Polish (PL) ISO standard.48952
Payment ExportA new Payment Type has been added to create domestic payment files for the NATWEST Bank, based on the ISO Format.49686
Payment ExportThe sorting for Payment Proposal Card has been adjusted to match the same sorting as in Payment Proposal List page.45939
Payment ExportIn the Codeunit OPP Clearing SEPA DD, a new event called OnAfterCalcTotals has been introduced for SepaFileDD. Additionally, an existing event named OnBeforeWriteAmt in the same Codeunit has been modified, and a parameter called PmtHead has been added.

Similarly, in the Codeunit OPP Clearing SEPA, a new event OnAfterCalcTotals, has been added for SepaFile. In this Codeunit, the existing event OnBeforeWriteAmt has also been updated, incorporating the new parameter PmtHead.

Furthermore, in the Codeunit OPP Clearing ISO, a new event, OnAfterCalcTotals, has been incorporated for ISOFile. A new event, OnAfterCalcTotals, has been introduced for CreateISOFileDD in the Codeunit OPP Clearing ISO CH DD.
Payment ExportThe Payment Transaction Schema table has been redesigned and moved to a new Object ID 5157909. As part of this change, a new field named "Bank Account No." has been added to the primary key. This update will allow customers to manage payment schemas per bank account.
If you are planning to upgrade to OPplus, please note that the content of table 5157917 will be automatically transferred to the new table during the upgrade process.
Payment ImportThe import of CODA Bank Statements has been introduced to OPplus.48204
Payment ImportThere was a performance update when deleting payment import lines.46090
Platform and TechnologySeveral changes were made to the Custom Telemetry Sending.47048

Bug fixes

Functional areaDescriptionID
Chain LiabilitySettings for the module Chain Liability were possible without prior module activation. The bug was fixed.46952
Chain LiabilityA missing interception of a call on the setup of the module Chain Liability (cu 5514800) caused an error, when Multiple Payment was activated in the Payment Setup.46993
Demo ToolSpanish version of Demo Data tool could not be executed due to wrong character-encoding. This has been fixed.46740
ElsterIn 23 BC, Microsoft removed the "XSL-Filename" field from T 11011 "Sales VAT Advance Notification." As a result, the field is no longer in use and had to be removed from the OPP Elster app as well.49603
Ext. Fixed AssetsThere was an issue when using the Fixed Asset G/L Journal with the FA Posting Type 'Disposal' and the 'Scrapping' flag set to 'true.' The problem was that only one of the integrated Depreciation Books would be marked as 'Scrapped', even though multiple Depreciation Books were in use. This issue has been resolved.49315
Ext. Fixed AssetsFixed Assets credit memos couldn't be posted with multiple Depreciation Books and "Part of Duplication List" activated. This bug has been fixed.46927
Ext. Fixed AssetsThe total in Report FA Capital Additions was incorrect. The calculation included the positive Reclassification Entry, but not the negative one.49584
Ext. Fixed AssetsAn error occurred when posting a purchase invoice for a fixed asset with a quantity. This issue has been resolved.48784
Ext. Fixed AssetsThe fields VAT Key Code and "Bal. VAT Key Code were added to the Page Fixed Asset G/L Journal.47865
General ApplicationWhen rebuilding the email-sending functionality of OPplus, some fields were mistakenly allocated to the wrong ApplicationArea called "Jobs." As a result, these fields were not visible or accessible when the ApplicationArea "Jobs" was hidden. To fix this issue, the ApplicationArea has been changed to "All".47884
General ApplicationThe validation of the Dimension Set ID was faulty, resulting in an incorrect display of Global Dimension 1 and 2 on customer ledger entries related to installments. The issue has been resolved.47661
General ApplicationThe CreateAndOpenInExcel function for exporting entries to Excel did not work in OnPrem because it was part of the OPplus OnPrem extension. This has now been fixed.47750
General ApplicationFor a few pages, the usage category was set to be searchable in Tell Me.49011
General ApplicationAn optimization was performed on the OPP Role Center to calculate page Cue-Values in the background, allowing users to work with the role center actions while the values are being calculated.46236
General ApplicationThere was a problem importing files with the new file service integration. This was corrected.46446
General ApplicationThere is an error in OPP Finance Role Center (5514564) if you have set up more than one General Journal Template of type "Asset" regarding the Part Asset Account. This has been fixed.49538
OtherReminder Handling changed to the new event for 3rd party customization.42185
OtherA license check has been implemented on the association setup page. If the page is accessed without a valid license, it will now trigger an error message. Additionally, an issue where an incorrect message was displayed to users when attempting to modify the external document number on the customer entry card has been fixed.46269
OtherAfter an asset under construction is scrapped using the OPP partial retirement function, it is reported as retired in the OPP FA Retirements report (5483224, Report Request) during the retirement period.46052
OtherA currency code is no longer displayed in the OPplus information OPP Orig. Currency Code 5157803 field for exchange rate difference entries and additional currency is set up.46059
OtherAn error in calculating the invoice entrance date in recurring gen. journals has been corrected.46442
OtherA missing key in the "OPP Bundesbank Report" table caused an incorrect sorting order in the Z4 XML file, resulting in its rejection by the Bundesbank. The missing key was reintroduced with this fix.48261
Payment ExportIn Payment Export, entries already marked as applied in other journals can no longer be suggested for payment again, unless the mark for application is reversed.48034
Payment ExportThe calculation for SHA256 is disabled in OPplus SaaS due to incompatibility.48055
Payment ExportThere was a mistake in the caption for the "Posting Month" field in the Bundesbank Report table, which has now been corrected.46774
Payment ExportConsideration of the payment reference of the customer ledger entry when creating the ISR reference number. 46409
Payment ImportIn Payment Import, the search for bank accounts resulted in a string length error in the CH localization due to bank codes being limited to 5 characters. This issue has been resolved by accounting for the varying lengths of bank codes.48422
Payment ImportAn error occurred when using the report to import MT 940 files. This has been fixed.46607
Payment ImportAn overflow error occurred when reading purpose in CAMT files. This has been fixed.46664
Payment ImportWhen importing via CSV port, an issue occurred when entering an empty date, even if a date formula had been entered. This has been fixed.45574
Payment ImportAn error occurred when creating the OPP log file in version BC22. A field was obsoleted in a Microsoft table, which was used by the system. This was corrected.46752
Payment ImportThe issue causing an error while opening the Payment Provider List has been resolved. Previously, two blob fields triggered errors when checked for content to display the texts as stars. This problem has been resolved.47132
Payment ImportSome misleading errors in the tooltip description of the field Keep Dimensions Validating Balance Account in Extended Features Setup were corrected.47583
Payment ImportPosting bank statements via Post and Print resulted in an error on checking the statement balance against the journal balance when the Treat as Bank Statement and Check Bank Balance = Error are set in the  Pmt. Import Interface. The issue has been resolved.47849
Payment ImportThe renumbering function on the CSV Ports Column No, 1,2,3 ... pointed to a wrong procedure. The issue has been fixed.47977
Payment ImportIn OPplus version 22.0 and higher, the CSV port definition file from an older version could not be imported anymore. The File Service Code field had been inserted as field 8. This has been fixed to make an import of files possible.48014
Payment ImportWhen importing REMADV files cross-company, the business transaction codes (GV Codes) related to the specific REMADV setup were not all completely created in the target companies, resulting in not importing all lines for a company. The issue has been solved.48033
Payment ImportWhen using the Continia File Service, files were not moved to the specified folders due to an encoding issue. This has been fixed.48401
Payment ImportIf you set the Payment Interface with activated Flag 'Use Orig. Curr. Code in Bank Import' there was an error in the import.49028
Payment ImportThe line "Copy to posted Jnl." did not work with "Application splitting (OPplus Standard)" and "multiple Entry Application." The issue was solved.49303
TreasuryChanged field visibility for field Transitaccount in Page Pmt. Import Interface Card to align with activation of Treasury module.48900
VATIf a number with 11 or more digits was in bold, it wouldn't appear in the external account schedule report. This has been fixed.48932
VATA calculation error in the Ext. Account Schedule Reports was corrected by using Show System Accounts.48255