OPplus Permissions

For users to work with Continia OPplus, they must be assigned one or more permission sets (also known as "roles") that provide them with the permissions they need. There are several different predefined permission sets, each of which includes a number of permissions that grant access to certain features and enable users to carry out various tasks.

Users can also be granted the relevant permissions by becoming a member of a user group that has the relevant permissions. For more information, see Assigning permissions to users and user groups.


In addition to the Continia permission sets mentioned in this article, you must also be assigned the standard Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central permission sets in order for all permitted operations to work as intended.

Standard Continia permission sets

Role ID
CSC BASICIt is mandatory for all Business Central users to have the CSC BASIC permission set to ensure that all standard features work as intended. This includes users who do not use Continia Products directly, as they still need certain permissions to access and run objects that may interfere with the standard Business Central code. The permission set also enables you to obtain the Continia Products activation status. It is similar to the standard Dynamics NAV/Business Central BASIC permission set.
CSC APP SETUPThis permission set allows you to activate Continia products, including Continia Core. It is mainly used for product installation and, in Business Central online, when making changes to subscription agreements, such as selecting and deselecting subscribed modules.

OPplus-specific permission sets

Role ID
OPP-ANALYSEOPplus Analysis read
OPP-ANALYSE, BEARBOPplus Analysis use
OPP-ANALYSE, SETUPOPplus Analysis setup
OPP-ANZEIGEOPplus Views read
OPP-ANZEIGE, SETUPOPplus Views setup
OPP-ATOPplus AT Payment read
OPP-AT, BEARBOPplus AT Payment use
OPP-AT, SETUPOPplus AT Payment setup
OPP-AZVOPplus DTAZV Payment read
OPP-AZV, BEARBOPplus DTAZV Payment use
OPP-AZV, SETUPOPplus DTAZV Payment setup
OPP-BASISOPplus Pmt. Import read
OPP-BASIS, BEARBOPplus Pmt. Import use
OPP-BASIS, SETUPOPplus Pmt. Import setup
OPP-CHOPplus CH Payment read
OPP-CH, BEARBOPplus CH Payment use
OPP-CH, SETUPOPplus CH Payment setup
OPP-CHAIN LIAB.OPplus Chain Liability use
OPP-ERWOPplus Association read
OPP-ERW, BEARBOPplus Association use
OPP-ERW, SETUPOPplus Association setup
OPP-FAOPplus Fixed Assets read
OPP-FA, BEARBOPplus Fixed Assets use
OPP-FA, SETUPOPplus Fixed Assets setup
OPP-FACOPplus Factoring read
OPP-FAC, BEARBOPplus Factoring use
OPP-FAC, SETUPOPplus Factoring setup
OPP-FROPplus FR Payment read
OPP-FR, BEARBOPplus FR Payment use
OPP-FR, SETUPOPplus FR Payment setup
OPP-INSOPplus Installment read
OPP-INS, BEARBOPplus Installment use
OPP-INS, SETUPOPplus Installment setup
OPP-MPOPplus Mult. Pmt. Disc. read
OPP-MP, BEARBOPplus Mult. Pmt. Disc. use
OPP-MP, SETUPOPplus Mult. Pmt. Disc. setup
OPP-NLOPplus NL Payment read
OPP-NL, BEARBOPplus NL Payment use
OPP-NL, SETUPOPplus NL Payment setup
OPP-SACHOPplus G/L Open Entries read
OPP-SACH, BEARBOPplus G/L Open Entries use
OPP-SACH, SETUPOPplus G/L Open Entries setup
OPP-TREOPplus Treasury read
OPP-TRE, BEARBOPplus Treasury use
OPP-TRE, SETUPOPplus Treasury setup
OPP-UKOPplus UK Payment read
OPP-UK, BEARBOPplus UK Payment use
OPP-UK, SETUPOPplus UK Payment setup
OPP-ZVOPplus Payment Export read
OPP-ZV, BEARBOPplus Payment Export use
OPP-ZV, SETUPOPplus Payment Export setup

Assigning permissions to users and user groups

To assign OPplus permissions to users and user groups is a standard Business Central process. For more information, see Microsoft's article Assign Permissions to Users and User Groups.

Creating custom permission sets

To manually create your own permission sets is a standard Business Central process. For more information, see Microsoft's article Assign Permissions to Users and User Groups.