Payment Proposal Entry

To explain the payment proposal entries, we create a payment proposal that contains a payment proposal header. For this payment proposal, we create the payment file and then the posting records. These are then posted.

From the created registered payment proposal, you have the possibility to call the related payment entry.

Proposal entry

You will also find this value as a payment entry on the corresponding bank as "Payment amount in transit": „Payment in Process Amount“:

Proposal entry

This allows you to see at a glance which amount is still in transit and has not yet been posted by the bank.

Payment Entries in connection with G/L Open Entries

If a G/L account has been set up with the help of the OPplus module "G/L Open Entries " in a way that open G/L ledger entries are created on the account, these entries can also be included in the payment transaction. Open entries on these accounts can be cleared and closed e.g. by bank account import if an G/L open entry account has been assigned to a bank account as a transit account in the Payment Posting Setup.

For example, after open vendor entries have been posted against the orderer party bank account in the payment export and thus closed, open G/L entries have arisen in the same course on the transit account, which was deposited with the orderer party bank account. These open entries also appear on the orderer party's bank account as open payment entries under "Payment in Process Amount". If an open G/L entry of the transit account is now closed by bank account import, the corresponding payment entry will also be closed. The " Payment in Process Amount " will be reduced on the OPplus bank account card, and the balance of the bank account will change accordingly.

Proposal entry

This procedure has the advantage that it is possible to see via the open payment entries on the bank account which amounts are still "in circulation" but are not yet present in the bank's balance.