OPplus Payment Import Overview

This article describes how to set up and use the OPplus Pmt. Import module, which is available via the Pmt. Import the menu group within the Navigation pane. To use the functionalities of the output/storage paths in the file import, file export, and CSV ports in an On-Prem installation, you must install the "OPplus On Prem Extension." If this extension is not installed, the system behaves analog to a Saas installation.

Important information on initial setup

For the initial setup, we recommend you to choose a very simple setup because many facilities are only necessary to map special cases and therefore are not completed until later.

The recommended procedure for the first setup:

  1. Start in the setup of the module Payment Import (see Create OPplus Pmt. Setup Data).
  2. Import the first bank statement, e.g. MT940 (see Pmt. Import via MT 940).
  3. Set up the resulting interfaces (see Pmt. Import Interfaces).
  4. Import the data again (see 2.)
  5. Import the first import journal, which is now generated, into the Ext. Cash Receipt Journal
  6. Edit the lines not assigned to an account or the lines where no automatic application has taken place and now adjust the facilities if necessary.

OPplus Pmt. Import Setup

The OPplus Pmt. Import Setup window is used to set up the initial settings (to be set up once), the bank import, and the association default values. You must fill in the fields of the OPplus Pmt. Import Setup window for each company you manage with Microsoft Dynamics™ Business Central. This section describes the tabs and fields of the OPplus Pmt. Import Setup window.

To open the OPplus Pmt. Import Setup window from the actions:

  • Select Setup Import/Export > Pmt. Import > OPplus Pmt. Import Setup.Pmt. Import Setup Menu