5157970 Multiple Payment Discount

5157970_01: Multiple Payment Discount

With this test you generate a sales invoice with multi-level payment discount. In addition, the necessary settings are made.

Multiple Payment Discount Setup

Payment Terms:

A new payment term with three level is created:

40 days net, Three level payment discount:

  • Due date formula: 40 D
  • Payment Discount : 10 D - 3%
  • Payment Discount 2: 20 D - 2%
  • Payment Discount 3: 30 D - 1%

Sales Invoice:

A sales invoice with posting-/document date = working date is created with the new payment termns.

Test in Demo Mode

If you run the test in demo mode, a page showing the payment terms appears:


Explain the fields and the multi-level payment discount.

Go to the created sales invoice.


Open the page "OPplus sales information" and then the page "Multiple Pmt. Discount" and explain those.

OPplus Verkaufsinfo öffnen

Mehrstufige Skontoposten öffnen

Mehrstufige Skontoposten

Test without Demo Mode

If you run the test without demo mode, the created sales invoice opens instantly.