Optimized Export of Users – Part 1

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Optimized export of users – part 1Checkmark Mar 2024Checkmark Apr 2024

Business value

The optimization of the user export feature will be a massive time-saver for organizations with large numbers of users. Currently, such clients are potentially unable to use Continia Document Capture for extended periods of time whenever they export users, as the system may be locked while the export is in progress. The new and optimized feature will drastically reduce the amount of system downtime and any frustrations resulting from this.

Feature details

In order to align user permissions and similar between Document Capture and the Contina Web Approval Portal, it's occasionally necessary to export user data to Continia Online – for example using the Export Users action on the Continia Users page.

This user export feature will now be improved in various ways. The improvements will be implemented in two stages as follows:

Improvement stage 1: Before exporting all user information, Document Capture will check if any changes have been made to any users. Only if so, all user information will be exported, meaning that you avoid exporting data unnecessarily. This change was implemented in Document Capture 2024 R1, released in April 2024.

Improvement stage 2: Instead of exporting all user data every time one or more minor changes have been made, only the changed information will be exported. This will not only reduce the amount of data to export but also the export time. The change is planned for release in October 2024, as part of Document Capture 2024 R2.

For more information, see Configuring Users for the Web Approval Portal.