New Action – Put on Hold and Approve

FeaturePublic previewGeneral availability online
New action – Put on Hold and Approve-Oct 2023

Business value

If you want to put a document on hold and approve it at the same time, you currently have to go through the somewhat lengthy process of putting it on hold first and then approving it, which involves several different menus and additional steps. This process will now be simplified significantly, as you'll be able to execute it using a single action.

Feature details

A new action combining two previously separate actions into one – Put on Hold and Approve – will be added to the menu bar in the Continia Web Approval Portal. This combined action will allow you to put a document on hold while approving it in a single operation.


An article describing the Web Approval Portal including information about the above feature will be published as soon as possible following the release of Continia Document Capture 2023 R2.