Setting up Document Approval

Continia Document Capture features a full approval workflow that enables you to approve documents after they’ve been received, scanned, and registered. To set up document approval in a way that suits your particular organization, check out the table below for a list of relevant links:

Enable and configure Continia approval workflows, including force approval, four-eyes approval, and approval checks and validationsDocument Capture Setup
Configure users as approvers, including (but not limited to) approval limits and permissionsContinia User Setup
Set up automatic approval sharing, including Out of Office for approversApproval Sharing
Set up email notifications for all relevant actions (approve, reject, and cancel)Email Notifications
Create and edit lists of approvers that are required for the approval of purchase documentsApproval Flows
Set up approval groups, enabling you to approve according to the dimensions of purchase invoice linesApproval User Groups
Activate and set up advanced approval, enabling you to approve document lines based on dimensions and amount limitsAdvanced Approval