Four-Eyes Approval

The purpose of four-eyes approval is to ensure that every document submitted for approval is approved by at least two approvers (four eyes). Once enabled, four-eyes approval applies universally to all documents – it can't be enabled or disabled for individual documents. However, there are two exceptions in which four-eyes approval doesn't apply even if it has been enabled:

Four-eyes approval can be used as an added feature for both standard and advanced approval, so the identification of the first approver depends on your choice of overall approval method. As for the identification of the second approver, you can set this up to be done either automatically by Continia Document Capture or manually by the first approver.


To enable and set up four-eyes approval in the Document Capture Setup, follow this guide. However, note that four-eyes approval for advanced approval must be set up using the Approval Group Card. For more information, see To set up advanced approval groups and Advanced Approval.

Manual or automatic approver identification

If a document that has been submitted for approval only has one approver assigned, a second approver must be added when four-eyes approval has been enabled. The second approver can be identified and added either manually or automatically, depending on your configuration:

  • If Automatic selection was chosen in the setup, Document Capture will identify the second approver based on the settings of the first approver (specifically the 4-eyes Approval, 2nd Approver Name field in the first approver's Continia User Setup). In this scenario, Document Capture will add the second approver automatically, and no manual action is required.
  • If Manual selection was chosen in the setup, the first approver must manually select the second approver when approving the document. A dialog box will prompt the first approver to forward the document to another approver using the Forward and Approve action.

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