Delegation Improvements

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Delegation improvements-Sep 1, 2021

Feature details

Although the delegation functionality that was introduced in Continia Document Capture 6.00 has been well received by users, we are planning to give it an overhaul by adding a number of requested features. The following additions are currently in scope:

  • Delegation to groups, similar to what's possible in approval sharing
  • Access to related information directly from the delegated document list
    • Access to related purchase orders
    • Access to the document card, given that the user is set up with the necessary privileges
  • Notification emails
    • Only notify when new documents have been delegated
    • Include a link to the delegated documents page within the email
  • Better control of what user is chosen in Auto Delegate
  • The tile Delegated to me placed in a separate page part to be used in role centers for users who don't need to see the default Document Capture role center