Migrating Document Capture from Business Central On-Premises to Cloud

If your organization currently uses Continia Document Capture in Microsoft Dynamics NAV/Business Central on-premises but would like to move to the cloud, you can easily migrate to Business Central online using the following guide:

  1. Upgrade to the latest available version of Business Central. To do this, see Upgrading NAV/Business Central with Document Capture Installed.
  2. As you complete step 1 above, be sure to also upgrade Document Capture to the latest version.
  3. When you've upgraded both Business Central and Document Capture, use this guide to carry out the actual migration.

Storage considerations when migrating to the cloud

If you're thinking about migrating to Business Central online, there are a few things to consider first. In terms of storage, the following are some of the most important considerations to make and things to note before migrating:

  1. The File System storage type isn't available in Business Central online, so you'll have to select a different storage type (Database or Azure Blob Storage) before you migrate.
  2. If you choose Database, all documents are saved in the database, thereby taking up database storage space and making the transfer of data to Business Central online more time-consuming. In case you have a lot of data to transfer, you may want to consider selecting Azure Blob Storage instead, as you only have 80 GB of space available (unless you purchase additional space, which can be costly).
  3. If you do select Azure Blob Storage, we recommend that you change to this storage type before initiating the migration. This makes it much faster for you to transfer your database to Business Central online, as there are no documents stored in the database.
  4. Once you've migrated to Business Central online, you can no longer use on-premises OCR.
  5. You must convert all documents to PNG format before migrating them to Business Central online, in order to be able to view them in the user interface.

For more information on storage types and how to set them up, see Setting up Document Storage.

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