Force Approval

The Force Approval feature allows approval administrators to force the approval of a specific document through, thereby bypassing the usual approval workflow. As evident in the below, this article uses purchase invoices as an illustrative basis to explain how this is done, but the functionality also works with credit memos.

Note that the feature must be enabled in the Document Capture Setup first, and that it can only be used by approval administrators. To set up a user as an approval administrator, see To set up users as approvers.


If the feature hasn't been enabled or you don't have the necessary approval administrator privileges, the Force Approval button will not be displayed at all on the Purchase Invoice page, as described below.

To force the approval of an invoice

As an approval administrator, you can force the approval of a purchase invoice by following these steps:

  1. Open the purchase invoice whose approval you want to force through.
  2. On the Purchase Invoice page, in the action bar, select Actions > Approval Administration > Force Approval.
  3. A dialog box asks if you want to force the approval of the invoice. Select Yes.

The invoice will now be instantly approved and moved to the Released PIs tile in the Role Center.


For any invoice whose approval has been forced, the forced approval will be logged in the Approval Entry table. Also, on the Purchase Invoice page of the relevant invoice, on the General FastTab, the Approval Comments field will read Approval forced by [user ID].

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