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As an end-to-end solution for importing, OCR-processing, registering, approving, and archiving invoices and other business documents, Continia Document Capture offers considerable benefits to a wide range of businesses. It can streamline processes and reduce data-entry costs for companies in sectors as diverse as finance, healthcare, manufacturing and transportation – and the list goes on.

Built on a modular basis, Document Capture can be customized to suit your particular business needs. Each of the modules that it’s divided into represents an area of functionality, and you can choose to add any modules you want. You add these using the initial setup guide, which you can access straight from your Role Center.


Not all features will be available in all versions of Document Capture. Refer to Comparison of Features by Document Capture Version to see features available by version of Document Capture.

Below you’ll find a description of each of the modules, along with an overview of their respective features.


The mandatory Essential module allows you to import purchase invoices and credit memos into Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. The imported files can be either scanned documents or PDF files processed using optical character recognition (OCR) – or they may be XML files, which you can import and process in various ways and formats, such as PEPPOL and XRechnung. The module enables you to recognize document header fields using OCR and to map the recognized data to the actual location of the textual content in the documents. This one-time mapping can then be used to automate the process for all future documents received from the same vendor.


The Essential module only includes data capture at header level, and only for purchase invoices and credit memos. To be able to recognize fields at line level and process other types of business documents, you’ll have to upgrade to the Advanced Capture module.

With the Essential module, you get access to the following key features:

Built-in image viewer for verification inside Microsoft Dynamics NAV/Business CentralCheckmark
Ability to add attachments to invoices and credit memosCheckmark
Ability to drag and drop attachments from and to any recordCheckmark
Recognition and processing of purchase invoices and credit memosCheckmark
Recognition of basic invoice header fields, such as date, invoice number, and total amountCheckmark
Ability to view document image in external window for manual resizing purposes and similarCheckmark
Recognition of invoice descriptionCheckmark
Recognition of dimensionsCheckmark
Recognition of job numberCheckmark
Ability to add any custom field to be recognized, and to dynamically transfer recognized value to purchase documentCheckmark
Recognition of multiple amounts (for example total cost amount + total freight amount)Checkmark
Ability to recognize multiple VAT/tax amounts and assign these to different G/L accountsCheckmark
Option of using fixed values for any fieldCheckmark
Easily-changeable area of recognition on scanned documentsCheckmark
Configurable rules for fields, ensuring that the correct values are recognized (specific format, positive amount only, etc.)Checkmark
Vendor-specific settings for recognition and validationCheckmark
Multiple templates for each vendor (service invoices, item invoices, cost invoices, etc.)Checkmark
Ability to configure whether amounts are including or excluding VAT/taxCheckmark
Manual splitting of PDF files inside NAV/Business Central, for example multiple invoices in one PDF fileCheckmark
Document analysis and capture built directly in NAV/Business Central, allowing app customizationCheckmark
Secure digital archive with free-text search capabilitiesCheckmark
Automated checking for bank account and VAT numbers to avoid fraudCheckmark
Ability to capture QR codes and extract data within the codesCheckmark
Registration of documents directly to general journal linesCheckmark
View documents in Payment JournalsCheckmark

Advanced Capture

The Advanced Capture module enables you to import and OCR-process other types of business documents than purchase invoices and credit memos, including custom documents. It also allows you to capture both header- and line-level data and to split business documents automatically during import, if necessary. The module is particularly relevant to you if you need to import complex documents, high volumes of documents, or documents from multiple different vendors.

The Advanced Capture module includes the following key features:

Ability to recognize unlimited types of documents (sales orders, purchase receipts, employee-related documents, shipping notes, etc.) and to customize fields to be recognized in these document typesCheckmark
Line recognitionCheckmark
Item cross reference for line translationCheckmark
Automatic splitting of PDF files inside Business Central, for example based on barcode or invoice numberCheckmark
Recognition of job task numberCheckmark
Automatic moving of documents to the right company based on company identification textsCheckmark

Order Matching

Order Matching makes it possible for you to match incoming business documents like purchase invoices and credit memos with other related documents, such as purchase orders, return orders or return shipments. The documents are basically compared to ensure that there’s consistency between them: If the documents match (for example in terms of price or number of items), they can be processed and approved automatically, whereas if they don’t, the relevant discrepancies must be handled. You can manually configure the levels of tolerance for such discrepancies.

With the Order Matching module, you get the following key features:

Built-in image viewer as part of the matching processCheckmark
Manual matching to purchase receipts and return shipmentsCheckmark
Matching to unposted purchase orders and unposted return ordersCheckmark
Automatic matching to purchase orders, receipts, return orders, and return shipmentsCheckmark
Configurable and automatic line-by-line matching1Checkmark
Automated, rule-defined tolerance of differences between order and invoice amounts, as well as subsequent postingCheckmark
Ability to copy header dimensions from order to invoice automaticallyCheckmark
Ability to update existing purchase order or return order instead of creating invoice or credit memoCheckmark
Support for serial and lot numbers in the matching processCheckmark
Application of tolerance amounts/percentages at line levelCheckmark
Ability to add missing order lines for matching purposesCheckmark
Automatic matching via job queuesCheckmark

  1. Note that this feature also requires the Advanced Capture module to be installed.

Document Approval

With Document Approval, you get a full approval workflow that allows you to approve business documents, assign approvers, and set approval limits. You can force the approval of documents, put them on hold, or have them approved automatically, and it’s also possible to forward documents and delegate approvals if, for example, you’re out of office for a period of time.

The Document Approval module gives you access to the following key features:

Enhancement on a range of common workflow and approval scenarios not supported by standard NAVCheckmark
Built-in image viewer as part of the approval processCheckmark
Ability to view document image in external window for manual resizing purposes and similarCheckmark
Automatic approval and posting within predefined limitsCheckmark
Ability to send out one combined email with all invoices for approvalCheckmark
Support for approval sharing when Out-of-Office is on (for holiday, leave, etc.)Checkmark
Approval sharing that allows one or multiple users to manage approvals for other usersCheckmark
Ability to forward invoices and credit memos for approval to a specific personCheckmark
Support for four-eyes approval (a minimum of two users checking all invoices)Checkmark
Dimension and amount validation during approvalCheckmark
Amount validation on posting in order to check posted amounts against actual document amountsCheckmark
Ability to request predefined reason codes when invoice or credit memo is put on hold or rejectedCheckmark
Ability to pre-post purchases to G/L before documents are approvedCheckmark
Approval flows that allows document approval based on preconfigured approversCheckmark
Advanced approval that allows document approval based on dimension codesCheckmark
Free online hosting with Continia Software1Checkmark
Direct connection to NAV/Business Central using Web Services (full data consistency)1Checkmark
An intuitive UI for users to approve purchase invoices, credit memos, and other business documents1Checkmark
Functionality that enables users to easily change lines, approve and reject documents, put documents on hold, forward documents to other users, and add attachments and commentsCheckmark
Configurable account and dimension limitations to simplify selections1Checkmark
Ability to have approvals carried out by NAV/Business Central limited usersCheckmark
Searchable, secure archive1Checkmark
Easy use of predefined templates to automatically create lines in invoices and credit memosCheckmark

  1. Note that you also need the Continia Web Approval Portal in order to use this feature.

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