Setting up General Business Functionality

The default Continia Document Capture configuration enables you to start processing documents immediately. However, Document Capture also offers a wide range of other configuration options that allow you to adjust the app to fit the exact needs of your organization.

The table below lists the most important of these:

Sign up to the Continia Delivery Network in order to start receiving PEPPOL invoices and credit memosSetting up the Continia Delivery Network
Define where to store documents if you prefer other locations than your Business Central databaseSetting up Document Storage
Change the company policy in order to allow or prevent the deletion of documents in your companyPreventing the Deletion of Documents as a Company Policy
Define document status codes used in the document journalDefining Document Status Codes
Set up a job queue to import documents at predefined intervals instead of importing them manuallySetting up Job Queues
Set up company identification textsSetting up Company Identification Texts
Enable and set up the Secure Archive, including document activity loggingSetting up the Secure Archive
Set up retention periods for data maintenance and perform data maintenance actionsSetting up Data Maintenance

When you run Document Capture on-premises or in a private cloud environment, the following additional configuration steps must also be taken before you can start working:

Configure whether to use cloud or on-premises OCRSetting up Cloud and On-Premises OCR
Enable Document Capture to scan from a desktop scannerConnecting a Desktop Scanner

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