Detailed Changelog for the Continia Web Approval Portal

This article lists all new features and bug fixes for each version of the Continia Web Approval Portal.

Web Approval Portal 1.24.1

Released: April 7, 2022

Bug fixes

Fixed missing translations
Fixed issue opening expenses when using Expense Management version 9.1

Web Approval Portal 1.24.0

Released: April 4, 2022

New or changed functionality

Added support for DC module Purchase Contracts (requires DC 9.00 or later)
Added brute-force protection for NavUserPassword login types (Web service key users).

Bug fixes

Fixed issue with headers during navigation in mobile view.
Fixed issue with "back" navigation in mobile view.
Fixed issue with error messages not showing correctly.
Fixed security vulnerabilities.
Fixed issue with browser auto-complete in "Forward to user" dialog.
Fixed issue during login, that might occur if the preferred tenant is not available.
Fixed issue with empty Job No. and Job Task No. descriptions.
Fixed issues when updating or filtering purchase line values containing some special characters.

Web Approval Portal 1.23.0

Released: March 10, 2022

New or changed functionality

Added field Payment Type to Expense Management approval page (requires Expense Management version 9.0 or later).

Bug fixes

Fixed issue with missing timestamp on document approval history.
Renamed the term "Settlement" to "Expense report" to conform with the change in Expense Management 9.0.

Web Approval Portal 1.22.0

Released: January 27, 2022

New or changed functionality

Added support for new Continia demo system (cloud only).

Bug fixes

Fixed issue with incorrect decimal formatting in some languages (e.g. Switzerland).
Fixed issue with documents not showing up correctly if using a direct link to Continia Online (Cloud only).
Fixed issue with company name not showing correctly when exported (on-premises only).

Web Approval Portal 1.21.0

Released: December 13, 2021

Bug fixes

Reduced Windows credential login attempts to one attempt per domain to avoid blocking user account in Active Directory earlier than defined by company policy.
Fixed issue with dimension values missing.
Improved error messages.
Text field dimensions on ileages, per diems and settlements are now shown correctly.
Fixed issue of not being able to change company name when exporting users (on-premises only)
Fixed issue with not being able to delete all users (on-premises only)

Web Approval Portal 1.20.0

Released: October 1, 2021

New or changed functionality

Added support for pre-approvals of Settlements. (Require Expense Management 8.0 SP1 or later)

Bug fixes

The company with the most approvals is now set as the active company at login.
If a Microsoft 365 user is using the login form by mistake, we will automatically redirect to Microsoft 365 login.
Changing a dimension for a purchase line now updates the total amounts.
Fixed issue with Next and Previous buttons in Expense, Mileage, Per Diem, and Settlements.
Fixed an error in regards to token expiration when using Microsoft 365 login.
Fixed various translations- and spelling mistakes.

Web Approval Portal 1.19.0

Released: August 31, 2021

New or changed functionality

Added support for Resource type on purchase lines (requires Document Capture 7.00 service pack 3 or later)
Changing company will no longer default to the purchase menu, but remember which menu was last used (e.g. Expense, Mileage, Per Diem, etc.)

Bug fixes

Number formatting on purchase lines failed in localizations using space as a delimiter (e.g. Norwegian).
Translation errors
Improved error messages
Improved traceability on user export scenarios (Cloud only)

Web Approval Portal 1.18.4

Released: July 2, 2021

Bug fixes

Errors when calling a web service could lead to the web page becoming unresponding (no error was shown).
Performance has been improved when approving expenses with allocation lines disabled.
Performance has been improved on many pages, as an unneeded call to WebUserCompanies has been removed.

Web Approval Portal 1.18.3

Released: June 16, 2021

Bug fixes

Extended per-user traceability on web service requests (troubleshooting only)
Extended functionality of diagnostics page to include actual company data

Web Approval Portal 1.18.2

Released: June 2, 2021

Bug fixes

Using direct links from an e-mail for a user with access to multiple databases and Document Capture 4.00.03 (this version specifically) would cause an error.

Web Approval Portal 1.18.1

Released: May 27, 2021

Bug fixes

Microsoft 365 users would get an "Access Token is missing" error upon login.
Selecting a type in a purchase line in mobile view would cause an error.

Web Approval Portal 1.18.0

Released: May 17, 2021

Bug fixes

Direct links (from emails or browser-favorites) did not always select the correct database.
Fixed a translation in Mileage where it mentions expenses by mistake.
Fixed Polish translations for Inter-Company labels.
The "wait spinner" would not stop, when an attachment was dragged to a Purchase-, Expense-, Mileage- or Per Diem document.
Switching databases on mobile view would result in an error if using a Document Capture version older than 4.0.3
Failed to send an e-mail when a user is requesting to reset password.
Cached user permissions are cleared when exporting users.

Web Approval Portal 1.17.2

Bug fixes

OnPremise version failed when exporting users from Document Capture, if the optional field FullName was not filled.

Web Approval Portal 1.17.1

Released: March 10, 2021

Bug fixes

An error message related to the mapping of Inter-Company fields was shown on some Document Capture versions.
The progress icon shown during purchase line updates was displayed in multiple copies on the line updating.
A misleading error message was shown when a user, with access to multiple NAV/BC instances, did not have proper access to the instance the user was currently trying to connect to.
A Javascript error resulted in users not being able to update purchase lines when using Internet Explorer 11. (Please note that we do not actively support IE11 as described in our documentation)
An error message was shown if a new purchase line was created by clicking in a drop-down field on the empty line.

Web Approval Portal 1.17.0

Released: February 25, 2021

New or changed functionality

Added support for Inter-Company fields on purchase lines. (Requires Document Capture 7.0 or later)
Copy Out-of-Office to all companies. (Requires Document Capture 7.0 or later)
Added a calculated column to show the difference between imported and assigned amounts.

Bug fixes

Summed amounts on grouped approvals (approval sharing) showed incorrectly or not at all.
Error loading preview of PDF images sometimes blocked the entire approval page.
"More search results" were incorrectly showing when the MaxSearchResult property was set to 0 in the configuration file. (On-premises only)
View- and download buttons on the Archive search result were not working.
The "Back to search result" button in the Archive view did not return to the most recent search result in case more than one search was performed.
E-mails dragged from Outlook to the attachment list on a document were moved instead of copied.
The preview of multipage PDF files was not working on the approval overview list.
Expense, Mileage, and Per Diem menus were still shown when Settlements was configured to be mandatory.