Detailed Changelog for the Continia Web Approval Portal

This article lists all new features and bug fixes for each version of the Continia Web Approval Portal.

Web Approval Portal 1.17.0

Released: February 25, 2021

Added support for Inter-Company fields on purchase lines. (Requires Document Capture 7.0 or later)
Copy Out-of-Office to all companies. (Requires Document Capture 7.0 or later)
Added a calculated column to show the difference between imported and assigned amounts.

Bug fixes for Web Approval Portal 1.17.0

Released: February 25, 2021

Summed amounts on grouped approvals (approval sharing) showed incorrectly or not at all.
Error loading preview of PDF images sometimes blocked the entire approval page.
"More search results" were incorrectly showing when the MaxSearchResult property was set to 0 in the configuration file. (On-premises only)
View- and download buttons on the Archive search result were not working.
The "Back to search result" button in the Archive view did not return to the most recent search result in case more than one search was performed.
E-mails dragged from Outlook to the attachment list on a document were moved instead of copied.
The preview of multipage PDF files was not working on the approval overview list.
Expense, Mileage, and Per Diem menus were still shown when Settlements was configured to be mandatory.