Inclusion of Document Capture Files when Copying, Correcting, and Canceling Posted Purchase Invoices

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Inclusion of Document Capture files when copying, correcting, and canceling posted purchase invoices-N/A


For the development of this feature, Continia is awaiting information about how Business Central will handle incoming documents in this regard.

Business value

Automatically attaching the original documents to new, unposted invoices and credit memos that are copied based on posted invoices not only ensures legal compliance, but also makes it easy for you to access the original documents. It increases convenience and speeds up your workflow.

Feature details

A common requirement in many countries is that every posted invoice and credit memo must include the original document as an attachment. However, it may be necessary for you to correct the posted document – for example, in case of typos in a posted invoice. In such cases, a corresponding credit memo is created to offset the invoice, and a new, unposted invoice is then created for you to correct.

To meet the requirement of always including original documents as attachments, this new feature will ensure that these originals are automatically attached to the new, unposted invoices and credit memos whenever such documents are created as described above.