Detailed Changelog for Continia Document Capture 2022 R2

This article lists all new features and bug fixes for each version of Continia Document Capture 2022 R2.

Document Capture 2022 R2, hotfix 2

Released: November 1, 2022
App version:

Only released in Business Central online.

Bug fixes

Functional areaDescriptionId
Country and RegionalMany Polish captions were wrong due to an encoding issue. This meant that many Polish letters were not displayed - instead, a random character was displayed.42234
Document and TemplatesWhen opening the Document Journal page, the following error occurred in some situations.
  • The SELECTSTR comma-string  ,G/L Account,Item,Resource,Fixed Asset,Charge (Item),,Amount Distribution Code,Purchase Contract does not contain a value for index <index value>

    Page Edit - Document Journal must close.
The error happened as a result of incorrect input into the new Account Type. Validation has been added to prevent this.
Purchase ContractsWhen changing the Review field on a purchase contract document and using a non-English language, the following error occurred
  • The date formula '-<1W>' should include a time unit.

    Time units can be: D,WD,W,M,Q, or Y. 
    C, meaning current time unit based on date, can be specified as a prefix to the time unit.
Purchase ContractsWhen selecting a fixed asset on a purchase contract line, the following error occurred:
  • The VAT Posting Setup does not exist. Identification fields and values: VAT Bus. Posting Group=<VAT Bus. Posting Group>,VAT Prod. Posting Group=<VAT Prod. Posting Group>.
Purchase ContractsThe auto approval of a document related to a purchase contract has been optimized.42405

Document Capture 2022 R2, hotfix 1

Released: October 19, 2022
App version:
FOB version: 10.00.01

Bug fixes

Functional areaDescriptionID
Documents and TemplatesThe document header fields were not shown when opening the Document Journal page in Business Central 2021 release wave 1 (BC v18).42215
Order & Receipt MatchingWhen entering a value in Vendor Shipment No. or Vendor Order No. that exceeded 20 characters, the following error occurred:
  • The length of the string is <string length>, but it must be less than or equal to 20 characters. Value: <vendor shipment no>

Document Capture 2022 R2

Released: October 1, 2022
App version:
FOB version: 10.00.00

New or changed functionality

Functional areaDescriptionID
Document and TemplatesTo easily create new template header fields, a new Assisted Template Field Setup Guide has been added. The assisted guide is accessible from the Document Journal and the Template Card pages.
Document and TemplatesThe template field Prices Incl. VAT field is now hidden on master templates. 14624
Document and TemplatesA caption suggestions function for PDF master templates has been added to the Document Category card. By analyzing which captions are already used on existing source (vendor) templates, the feature suggests additional recognition captions for the PDF master template fields.
Document and TemplatesAll templates, including master and identification templates, are stored in the same table and are using the same pages. Only a few of the fields on the pages are relevant for identification templates.  All fields and actions not relevant for identification templates are now hidden/disabled.14803
Document and TemplatesWhen recognizing lines and having "Our Order No." populated, a configurable message has been added in the scenario where Automatch can’t match an invoice to one, or more, open receipts.
  • No open receipt lines exist with Order No. = [Our Order No.]
Document and TemplatesAdded support for line translation for the sales category using the GTIN field on the Item.24082
Document and TemplatesA hidden action Document Templates has been added to Vendor Card and Vendor List pages. The action opens the Template List with filters applied on purchase and the current vendor number. 26321
Document and TemplatesAn action to open the Message Center Setup page has been added to the Template Card page.

When changing one or more field values on a non-template-specific message center setup record, the system will search for template-specific instances of that particular message center setup. If any are found, the following message is displayed:
  • The default Message Center Setup was updated. Note, that [no of templates] template-specific setups were not changed.
Document and TemplatesA new template line field VAT Prod. Posting Group has been added.28369
Document and TemplatesA new option field "Ask to Set Default G/L Account" has been added to the Template Card page. The default value is set to true. When changing the value in the G/L Account No. field on the Document Journal page, the following question is now only shown when the "Ask to Set Default G/L Account" option is set to true.
  • Do you want to configure G/L Account <G/L Account No.> (<G/L Account description>) as the default account for 'Amount Excl. VAT'?

    Do not show this message again...
Document and TemplatesThe "Register Documents Automatically" field has been moved from the "Document Category" page to the "Template Card" page under the "General" section.30076
Document and TemplatesThe "Change Sign" field has been added to the Template Field Card page.30348
Document and TemplatesDocument Search now includes values from the document value table. The document value table includes values that are recognized, values that are auto-translated, and values that have been manually entered by the user (such as GL account, approval flow code, and calculated fields using formulas).30940
Document and TemplatesWhen files are imported, an ID is added to the file name. This prevents files from being overwritten in a production system in the following situation:
  • Creating a test system as a copy of the production system.
  • The configuration is not changed in the test system (the test system uses the same storage location as the production system).
Document and TemplatesFor the Belgian and French localizations, the configuration file has been updated. Caption Mandatory has been set to true for most purchase header template fields.

The following purchase header template fields still have Caption Mandatory = False:
  1. DOCTYPE - [I]nvoice / [C]r. Memo
  2. GLACCOUNTNO - G/L Account No.
  3. CURRCODE - Currency Code
  4. POSTINGDESC - Posting Description
Document and TemplatesEvents have been added to the solution. For details, please see Event Publishers for Document Capture 2022 R2 (10.00)32026
Document and TemplatesThe data caption on the Template Field Card has been changed to show the field name only. For example, Amount Excl. VAT. Previously the following was shown at the top of the Template Field Card page: Template number, Type, Code, and Field name.32266
Document and TemplatesThe possibility to delete or import multiple files has been added to the Document List page (Documents for Import).32847
Document and TemplatesThe following comments are now configurable:
  • This document may contain pages that belong to another Source ID.
  • Manual Match.
Document and TemplatesThe following comments have been made configurable:
  • Vendor Bank Account No. is not correct.
  • VAT Registration No. is not correct.
Document and Templates

The performance of the Recognize Fields function has been optimized.

Document and TemplatesThe performance when searching for templates has been optimized.35065
Document and TemplatesThe performance during document import has been optimized.35089
Document and TemplatesOn the field Translate to No. on Document Lines, the Drop Down page has been implemented. This will enable the same user experience as in the No. field on standard document and journal line pages.
Document and TemplatesA new template field Item No. GTIN has been added to the configuration file for the sales and purchase PDF master templates.
Document and TemplatesA dropdown list is added to all pages containing the Document Viewer, except the Documents (UIC) page. The attachments in the list are grouped in the following order: 
  • Original
  • Related Documents (OIOUBL/OIOUTS)
  • Attachments (bmp, jpeg, jpg, pdf, png, tif, and tiff)
  • XML Attachments (bmp, jpeg, jpg, pdf, png, tif, and tiff)
  • Downloadable Attachments (all other file types)
Document and TemplatesThe instructional text on the Purchaser Translation page has been shortened.40430
Document and TemplatesThe Auto Match field on the Template has been renamed to Autorun Perform Match to better describe what the setting does.

When Autorun Perform Match is populated, an automatic match (Perform Match) is run in the following scenarios:
  • Importing documents
  • Activating the Recognize Fields function
  • Changing the value in the Amount Excl. VAT field
  • Changing the value in the Our Order No. field
  • Changing the value in the Currency Code field
Document and TemplatesThe master template header field G/L Account No. in the Purchase category has been replaced by two new fields: Account Type and Account No. Selecting a value in Account Type specifies what type the Account No. field refers. If the Account Type field is empty or not added to the template, Account No. defaults to G/L Account.40997
Document ApprovalA new assisted setup "Set Up Continia Web Approval" for setting up the Continia Web Approval Portal has been developed.16695
Document ApprovalThe Document Card and Match Lines actions are added to the Assigned To Me page.28013
Document ApprovalThe "Error email" field has been removed from the Document Capture Setup / Purchase Approval page. When sending the approval or reminder email notification, a message containing a list of the users with an invalid email address is displayed instead.
Document ApprovalOn the Approval Entries (unposted and posted purchase invoices) page, a new action Show More/Fewer Columns has been added to show more columns and hide these again easily.40333
Document ApprovalThe comment action button on the Approval Request Entries page has been changed to use the same filters as when using drill-down in the Comment column.40406
General ApplicationThe sorting of the comments on the Document Card was not the same as the sorting on the Document List. This has been changed, so the comments on the Document Card are now sorted the same way as on the Document List.14670
General ApplicationThe “Out of Office Setup” page has been added to the Document Capture menu, and it is now possible to find the page using the build-in Business Central search function.23492
General ApplicationThe OCR configuration file is now exported when changing relevant fields and using on-prem OCR, including modifying the Process PDF files with XML files field. Previously the OCR configuration file was only automatically exported when using cloud OCR.28627
General ApplicationWhen using Account and Dimension Approval Permission, it is now possible to configure permissions for account type resource. Purchase of resources is only supported in Business Central 2020 wave 1 (BC16) and newer versions. If configured in earlier versions, the following error message is displayed:
  • Type Resource is not available in Business Central versions below Business Central 2020 wave 1.
General ApplicationThe Navigate/Find Entries button has been added to the Document Search page. 30447
General ApplicationWhen you selected Always use Imported Amounts in the Amounts field under the Purchase Allocation group on the Document Capture Setup / Purchase Approval page, the field G/L Account Type was deactivated, and the option was set to Use Posting Setup. This behavior confused users as it indicated that purchase allocations used the posting setup when creating the allocation lines.

To prevent confusion, the "G/L Account Type" field is now deactivated, and the value is set to blank.
General ApplicationTeaching tips have been added to the following pages.
  • Advanced Approval Groups
  • Approval User Groups
General ApplicationWhen changing the Company Code, the following message was previously shown:
  • When you change Company Code you must:
    - Reactivate Document Capture
    - Export OCR Configuration Files
Now the message shown is:
  • When you change Company Code you must:
    - Export OCR Configuration Files
Since there is no need to reactivate Document Capture.
General ApplicationIn Business Central 2021 release wave 1 (BC18) and newer versions, email scenarios are now supported for the following processes:

  • Document Capture Approval Status Email - Used when sending the approval status email.
  • Continia Welcome Email - Used when sending the welcome emails to Continia users.
  • Document Capture Assigned Documents - Used when sending assigned notifications.
  • Document Capture Status Email To Reviewers - Used when sending status emails to reviewers.
General ApplicationWhen translating No. and Description, the system has been changed to prioritize exact values over values containing the asterisk (*) symbol.

With the following configuration for the No. field,
  • *FREIGHT* -> G/L Account 1000
"Express Freight" will now be translated to G/L Account 2000 as the row without the asterisk (*) symbol is prioritized.

Support has also been added for enclosing search terms in single quotes (') when the value includes characters that are reserved for use in Business Central filter-notation (i.e. the characters  ( ) | < > = .. ? &). It is, however, not possible to wrap the asterisk (*) and the Ignore case-sensitivity operator (@).

The priority order is:
  1. Item field GTIN
  2. Number exact match
  3. Number exact match with filter characters (e.g. 'AiP&12' or 'TM>Y')
  4. Number filters (e.g. 100..109 or Freight|Delivery)
  5. Number filter using "*" (e.g. 10* or *freight)
  6. Item Reference table
  7. Item Vendor table
  8. Item table - field "Vendor Item No."
  9. Item No. field from Item table (template setting "Use Vendor/Customer Item Nos.“)
  10. Number "*" translation only
  11. Description exact match
  12. Description exact match with filter characters (e.g. 'Anderson & co.')
  13. Description filters (e.g. Apple iMac|Apple iPhone)
  14. Description filters using "*" (e.g. Apple*)
  15. Description "*" translation only
General ApplicationWhen running the Document Capture Setup Wizard and selecting a localization, the list of available localizations is now sorted ascending by name.32708
General ApplicationThe NAV Login Type field on the Continia User list is now editable to support scenarios where the default value must be changed.32740
General ApplicationHelp links referring to Continia Docs have been added to multiple Document Capture pages.32760
General ApplicationWhen recognizing sales document lines where either Unit Cost, Quantity, or Line Amount is not recognized, the missing field is now automatically calculated. Previously, only Quantity was automatically calculated.

Recognizing two of the three fields and if all five fields (including the Line Discount Amount and Line Discount Percentage fields) have a blank value in Formula, the missing field is automatically calculated as specified below:
  • Line Amount = Quantity * Unit Cost - DiscAmount
  • Unit Cost = (Line Amount + DiscAmount) / Quantity
  • Quantity = (Line Amount + DiscAmount) / Unit Cost
If DiscAmount is zero after capture (either not captured or captured as zero), and Line Discount % is not zero, DiscAmount is calculated as follows:
  • DiscAmount = Line Amount * Line Discount % / 100
When one of the three fields is calculated, an error, warning, or information comment is inserted in the comment section, depending on the comment setup.

A new integration event has been added: OnBeforeAdjustMissingFields(VAR Document : Record “CDC Document”;VAR Handled : Boolean)

If customers wish to disable the auto-calculation of the three values, you create an event subscriber that changes the handled value to TRUE.
General ApplicationThe following has only been changed in Business Central 2019 release wave 2 (BC15) or newer versions.

The fields Payable Account (Allocation) and Purch. Account (Allocation) from the Vendor Posting Groups (DC) page have been added to the Vendor Posting Groups page. The field Purch. Account (Allocation) from the General Posting Setup (DC) page has been added to the standard General Posting Setup page.
General ApplicationSeveral menu items were missing (compared to the RTC equivalent) on the Document Capture Administration Role Explore page. Follow the below steps to open the Role Explore page:
  1. Select the Image button at the top of the RoleCenter, or press Shift+F12.
  2. Select Explore more roles
  3. Select >Explore under the headline Document Capture Administration
General Application365 has been removed from the Document Capture product name. Documentation, App name, and other related material have been updated accordingly.38873
General ApplicationLinks to Continia Docs and Continia Learn have been added to Document Capture Assisted Setup Guide.38874
General ApplicationWhen changing one of the fields relevant for OCR processing, the following notification is shown in RTC:
  • The OCR configuration file will be exported when pressing OK or refresh.
And in Web Client the following notification is shown:
  • The OCR configuration file will be exported when closing or refreshing this page.
General ApplicationIn Business Central, the text Continia has been removed from the category field on the Manual Setup page.39401
Order & Receipt MatchingThe “Use tracking by package number in reservation and tracking system” feature is now supported in order and receipt matching (only for matching purchase receipt lines and return shipment lines).24488
Order & Receipt MatchingThe Special Sales Order No. field is now available on the Purch. Invoice Match Subpage.39228
Order & Receipt MatchingThe following functionality is available in all app-based Business Central versions (Business Central 2019 release wave 2 CU1 (BC15.1) or later).

Two new header fields, “Vendor Order No.” and “Vendor Shipment No.” have been added to the configuration file for the PDF master template in the purchase category. When a system is upgraded from DC9.00 to DC10.00, the fields are automatically created on the purchase category PDF master template.

Adding and populating one or both fields on a vendor-specific template will make it possible for Auto Match to match an invoice against orders and/or purchase receipts with specific values in the Business Central standard fields “Vendor Order No.” and “Vendor Shipment No.”. Suppose an invoice relates to, e.g., multiple receipts with multiple vendor shipment numbers. In that case, it is possible to populate the relevant template field with multiple values separated by comma (similar to the functionality for the Our Order No. field).
Platform and TechnologyThe following functionality is available in all app-based Business Central versions (Business Central 2019 release wave 2 CU1 (BC15.1) or later).

In the web client, it was not possible to resize the document viewer factbox. To work around this, we had previously created a page (6086077 - CDC User Property List2) that an administrator could use to set the size for the relevant users by changing ”Add-In Min Width”.

We have now added the possibility to resize the factbox area containing the document viewer by using drag and adjust, similar to how it works in the RoleTailored client.
Platform and TechnologyThe following applies when using Document Capture on-premises.

On the Continia Web Portal List and Continia Web Portal Card, a new action, Create Web Portal Setup has been added. When running the function, the Windows Web Service URL and Database Web Service URL is automatically filled in with suggested values based on the active Dynamics 365 Business Central service tier connection (available for NAV 2013 R2 and newer versions).
Platform and TechnologyWith Document Capture 2022 R2 (10.00), we have released Document Capture for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central 2022 release wave 2 (BC21).

Document Capture 2022 R2 (10.00) in Business Central online will not be available for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central 2022 release wave 1 (BC20). You will only be able to use Document Capture 2022 R2 (10.00) in Business Central online when you have upgraded to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central 2022 release wave 2 (BC21).
Platform and TechnologyWhen using Document Capture pages with client add-ins in some situations, the following "Reduced functionality" warning was shown:
  • The <Add-in name> control add-in might not run as you expect it to. The functionality has been reduced to ensure your productivity. Contact the add-in vendor for more information.
Platform and TechnologyThe performance of the Find Entries (Navigate) function has been optimized.34909
Platform and TechnologyThe Continia Web Approval Portal has been updated to version
Platform and TechnologyWith the release of Document Capture 2022 R2 (10.00), we have released an upgrade tool that enables direct upgrade to Document Capture 2022 R2 (10.00) from the following versions:
  • Document Capture 8.00
  • Document Capture 9.00
The direct upgrade tool (Direct Upgrade to Document Capture 10.00 & Expense Management 10.00 - FOB), can be downloaded from PartnerZone.

For details, please see Upgrading to Continia Document Capture 2022 R2 (10.00) for FOB versions.
Purchase DocumentsWhen reopening a registered document with Status = "Pending Approval", the following confirmation message is displayed:
  • This document is already linked to <Document Type> <Document No.>, and is sent for approval.

    Do you want to delete <Document Type> <Document No.> and stop the approval process so this document can be reopened?
Purchase DocumentsWhen validating the bank account information, we now check against:
  • IBAN
  • Bank Branch + Bank Account No.
  • Bank Account No. + Bank Branch
Purchase DocumentsThe scanned image has been added to the Vendor Ledger Entries page.29520
Purchase DocumentsFor the BE localization, the localized field Enterprise No. on the vendor is now used as the primary validation when identifying a vendor using the identification template. If the enterprise no. is not recognized, the vendor is identified using the VAT No. field.
Purchase DocumentsThe performance during the approval of documents has been optimized in Business Central 2020 release wave 2 (BC17) and newer versions.38945
Purchase DocumentsWhen a vendor is manually selected, the field Identified by on the Document Journal page will now show the following text:
  • The vendor was manually selected.

Bug fixes

All relevant bugfixes released in service pack 3 to 4 for Document Capture 2021 R2 (8.00) and service pack 1 to 2 for Document Capture 2022 R1 (9.00) are also included in Document Capture 2022 R2 (10.00). The description of these bugfixes is not repeated on this page.

Functional areaDescriptionID
Country and RegionalCaptions were missing on page 55 - Purch. Invoice Subform for many localisations.
Country and RegionalThe Enable Standard Notification field caption on the Document Capture Setup page was wrongly translated in several languages.
Document and TemplatesPreviously, numbers missing a decimal or 1000 separator could be wrongly recognized. Now, an additional setting on template fields of type number allows the user to specify what decimal separator should be used when evaluating the value from OCR or manual entry.

The new field "Decimal Separator" allows for the following four configurations:
  • Automatic (Default): Evaluates the input as in previous versions.
  • Comma: Assumes that a comma (,) is used as the decimal separator.
  • Dot: Assumes that a dot (.) is used as the decimal separator.
  • User Defined: Allows for a user-defined character (defined in the field "User Defined Decimal Separator") to be used as the decimal separator.
Document and TemplatesThe option to rename OCR and XML files in the dropdown menu shown on the "Document Files factbox" has been removed.28424
Document and TemplatesWhen registering a document and when Registration Step 1 was set to Create Journal Lines and Registration Step 2 was set to Post, the following error occurred.
  • The journal 'Journal Template Name'= 'XXX', 'Journal Batch Name' = 'YYY' is not empty. Please delete or post the existing journal lines before registering a new document.
Document and TemplatesWhen selecting Create Journal Lines for either Invoice Reg. Step 1 or Credit Memo Reg. Step 1, the Matching and Approval groups and the corresponding matching options for invoices and credit memos disappeared. 34498
Document and TemplatesThe configuration file now defaults table no. to 80 for the Journal Template field in the Purchase category.34511
Document and TemplatesWhen importing an XML document, document lines will be skipped if the template field is set to required and the value is blank, following the same rules as PDF templates.34755
Document and TemplatesWhen adding a template field from a master template to a vendor template, the field will now be inserted at the same position on the vendor template as on the master template.38486
Document and TemplatesWhen Registration Step 1 was set to Create Journal Lines, and Registration Step 2 was set to Post, Registration Step 2 was not executed.38495
Document and TemplatesWhen opening attachments on the Document Journal or Document Card page for registered documents, the following error occurred:
  • The Document does not exist. Identification fields and values: No.=<Document No.>
Document and TemplatesThe Default field is now hidden on templates of type Master and Identification.40798
Document ApprovalWhen posting a document with approval comments where the comment length was greater than 80 characters, the following error occurred:
  • The length of the string is <text length>, but it must be less than or equal to 80 characters. Value: <Comment>.
General ApplicationIf Document Capture was deactivated, the Activation Status was set to Never activated. The text is now changed to Not activated.22106
General Application

When the Azure Storage account name wasn't in lower cases, importing or moving files was impossible. The Azure Storage account name is, therefore, now

General ApplicationIn Business Central online, the group Web Service Settings was shown on the Continia Web Portal Card page. The Web Service Settings group has been removed as these settings only are relevant for on-premises installatnions.
General ApplicationWhen multiple users imported documents simultaneously, some files could be empty, and the same document could be imported more than once. To prevent this, only one instance of the document import process can be running now.31076
General ApplicationThe Document Search page now supports multiple search methods:
  • AND - the document must contain all the search words
  • OR - the document contains any of the search words
General ApplicationThe captions for the following pages have been changed:
  • Continia User List -> Continia Users
  • Document List (UIC) -> Documents (UIC)
  • Continia Web Portal List -> Continia Web Portals
  • Purchase Allocation List -> Purchase Allocations
General ApplicationWhen deleting only one page in Split and Merge, the following message was displayed:
  • Do you want to delete the selected pages?
Now, when selecting one page to delete, the following message is displayed:
  • Do you want to delete the selected page?
Order & Receipt MatchingThe following only applied to Business Central 2019 release wave 2 (BC15) and later versions.

When adding the "Line Discount % (Invoice)" field to the Order Lines subpage on the Invoice Matching page, a wrong field caption was shown in personalization mode. 
Platform and TechnologyIn the RoleTailored client, scanner selections with names longer than 20 characters were stored wrongly.
Platform and TechnologyThe action button for files in the Documents factbox became invisible when files had long names.
Platform and TechnologyClosing the Document Card, using the ESC key, would close both the Document Card and the underlying Document List, thus returning focus to the role center.41271
Purchase DocumentsWhen opening the Purchase Invoice list (DC) or Purchase Credit Memo list (DC), the following error could occur:
  • Purchase Header: The VAT Amount Line does not exist. Identification fields and values: VAT Identifier='',VAT Calculation Type='Normal VAT',Tax Group Code='',Use Tax='No',Positive='Yes'
The error was caused by purchase lines (created by the intercompany functionality) with blank numbers and types but quantity <>0.
Purchase DocumentsWhen the Purchase File Display Name field in Document Capture Setup was set to Posted Document No. + Vendor Document No. or Unposted Document No., the setting was only used in the factboxes on posted document pages. The functionality has now been extended to other pages, such as the Vendor card and Vendor List page.
Purchase DocumentsDuring registration of a document, the Purchaser Translation page is shown if no purchaser can be found. The page only had an OK button. It was, therefore, not possible to close the page and thereby stop the registration process.39079
Purchase DocumentsFor the Netherland localization when After Step 1 was set to codeunit 6085715 (CDC Purch. Doc. - After Step 1) and Invoice Reg. Step 1 was set to Create Journal Lines on the Template Card page, the following error occurred:
  • The following error occurred when performing Codeunit ID: After Step 1 on invoice <Invoice No.>:

    The Purchase Header does not exist. Identification fields and values: Document Type='Invoice',No.='<Invoice No.>'

    Any subsequent steps will have to be performed manually.