QR-Bill Management App Integration


This article only applies to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central 2023 release wave 1 (BC v22) and later.

If you've installed the QR-Bill Management app developed by Microsoft for the Swiss market, Continia Document Capture can integrate with it by copying the content of any identified QR code directly into the app. Whenever a purchase document with a valid QR code is imported into Document Capture, the QR code is automatically identified and read by Document Capture, and the captured QR data is then transferred to the QR-Bill Management app when you register the document.

The following fields in the app are automatically populated with the captured data upon document registration:

  • Swiss QR-Bill
  • Swiss QR-Bill IBAN
  • Swiss QR-Bill Bill Info
  • Swiss QR-Bill Unstr. Message
  • Swiss QR-Bill Amount
  • Swiss QR-Bill Currency

Payment references contained within captured QR codes are also automatically transferred to the relevant field in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. To find this for a registered invoice, open the invoice, go to the Invoice Details FastTab, and locate the Payment Reference field.

In addition to the above, Document Capture also carries out other QR-related actions when you register a document with a QR code:

  • It uses the IBAN detected in the QR code to identify the vendor who sent the document.
  • It validates that the captured document amount is equal to the amount of the QR code.