New and Planned for Continia Document Capture

This article lists all features that are planned for release between March 2020 and March 2021. Note that the listed features may not have been released yet, meaning that delivery times can change and planned functionality may not be released after all (see Continia policy).

Features listed in the General availability column will be delivered within the given month. The actual delivery date can be any day within that month.

The Public preview column shows when each feature is released for preview using Feature Management.

The green check mark (Checkmark) indicates which features have been released for public preview and for general availability.

Application enhancements

Continia is constantly revising Document Capture and looking for new ideas to improve the application. For our upcoming release, we'll make several substantial improvements and update minor features based on user feedback and ideas.

FeaturePublic previewGeneral availability
Extension of the OCR service to support Exchange Webservices (EWS) instead of IMAP-Checkmark Sep 1, 2020
Ability to configure comment type-Checkmark Sep 1, 2020
Support for full-content QR codes (e.g. vendor data) for the Swiss market-Checkmark Sep 1, 2020
Support for serial and lot numbers in the matching process-Checkmark Sep 1, 2020
Auto-calculation of line values-Checkmark Sep 1, 2020
Implementation of line-level tolerances-Checkmark Sep 1, 2020
Ability to add missing order lines for matching purposes-Checkmark Sep 1, 2020
Automatic matching via job queue-Checkmark Sep 1, 2020
Additional filter buttons on matching page-Checkmark Sep 1, 2020
Ability to delegate documents to specific users-Checkmark Sep 1, 2020
Advanced approval in Business Central online-Checkmark Sep 1, 2020
Support for additional storage types-Checkmark Sep 1, 2020
Continia Delivery Network-Checkmark Mar 1, 2020
Ability to update related templates when changing any relevant field in the master template-Checkmark Mar 1, 2021
Ability to view PDF/XML files directly from the Vendor Ledger Entries screen-Checkmark Mar 1, 2021
Forced registration of documents-Checkmark Mar 1, 2021
Addition of the drag-and-drop feature to the document card and the document journal-Checkmark Mar 1, 2021
Support for Intercompany purchase document fields in the Continia Web Approval Portal-Checkmark Mar 1, 2021
Ability to copy out-of-office settings to all companies-Checkmark Mar 1, 2021
Partial support for the UTS XML format-Checkmark Mar 1, 2021
Full support for the UTS XML format-Jun 1, 2021
Support for the Finvoice XML format for Finland-Jun 1, 2021
Support for the ZUGFeRD XML format for Germany-Jun 1, 2021
Caption suggestions for master template fields-Sep 1, 2021
Registration of documents directly to general journal lines-Sep 1, 2021
Support for the PINT XML format-Sep 1, 2021
Direct upgrade to Document Capture 7.00-Sep 1, 2021
Checking for bank account and VAT numbers to avoid fraud-Sep 1, 2021
Exporting and downloading multiple attachments in bulk-Sep 1, 2021
Faster reprocessing of files in the error folder for on-premises OCR-Sep 1, 2021
Reason for moving a file to the error folder-Sep 1, 2021
Delegation improvements-Sep 1, 2021
Matching on vendor shipment and vendor order numbers-Sep 1, 2021
Adding line translations from the matching page-Sep 1, 2021
Category for attaching files to purchase receipts-Sep 1, 2021
Category for attaching files to customers-Sep 1, 2021
Category for attaching files to vendors-Sep 1, 2021
Category for attaching files to employees-Sep 1, 2021
Date calculation in the formula field-Sep 1, 2021

Detailed changelog

For each change to Document Capture, Continia’s detailed changelog is updated with a description of what has changed. You can find the full changelogs here.

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