New and Planned for Continia Document Capture

This article lists the features planned for release between April 2022 and April 2023. Note that the delivery date can be any day within the specified month, and planned functionality may be postponed or not released at all (see Continia policy).

If a feature is released for public preview, it can be enabled using Continia Feature Management. In this way, we can release certain features as minor updates between major updates and receive early feedback from our customers.

Application enhancements


The table lists the features planned for general availability of the online version of Business Central. The on-premises version will be released within a week after the online version.

FeaturePublic previewGeneral availability
Registration of documents directly to general journal lines-Checkmark Apr 2022
Configuration of more comments for assignment-Checkmark Apr 2022
Storage migration guide-Checkmark Apr 2022
Amount limits for approval flow codes-Checkmark Apr 2022
Amount limits for four-eyes approval-Checkmark Apr 2022
Inclusion of purchase reason codes when exporting the Document Capture setup-Checkmark Apr 2022
Attaching files from the Approval Entries page-Checkmark Apr 2022
Drag-and-drop functionality for additional Business Central pages-Checkmark Apr 2022
Teaching tips-Checkmark Apr 2022
Support for Finnish localization-Checkmark Apr 2022
Support for Polish localization-Checkmark Apr 2022
Support for Portuguese localization-Checkmark Apr 2022
Caption suggestions for master template fields-Checkmark Oct 20221
Matching on vendor shipment and vendor order numbers-Checkmark Oct 20221
Assisted setup guide for the creation of new template fields-Checkmark Oct 20221
Resizing the scanned image (document viewer)-Checkmark Oct 2022
Minimize that files are overwritten-Checkmark Oct 2022
Add the scanned image to the vendor ledger entries page-Checkmark Oct 2022
Stop asking to set G/L Account as standard G/L Account-Checkmark Oct 2022
Set up if a document should be auto-registered on the template-Checkmark Oct 2022
Notify users when they change OCR settings-Checkmark Oct 2022
Create a new line field "VAT Prod. Post. Group" on the master template-Checkmark Oct 2022
Account type in the document journal-Checkmark Oct 2022
New Purchase Contracts module-Checkmark Oct 2022
Attachments in the document viewer-Checkmark Oct 2022
Support for package tracking in matching-Checkmark Oct 2022
Document Search enhancement-Checkmark Oct 2022
Support for Italian localization-N/A1
Support for the PINT XML format-N/A1
Support for the Business Central Universal Code Initiative (on-premises version)-Apr 20232
Support for Shared Mailboxes with Exchange Web Services (EWS)-Apr 2023
Splitting Invoice Amounts by Dimension While Keeping the Existing Account Number-Apr 2023
Automatic Checking of Line Item Prices-Apr 2023
Creating General Journal Lines Without a Vendor Balancing Account-Apr 2023
Deferral Code on the Accounts for Amounts Page-Apr 2023
Merging Nonconsecutive Documents-Apr 2023
Checking for Dimensions on Document Registration-Apr 2023
Support for Purchase Orders and Return Orders in the Continia Approval Workflows-Apr 2023
Support for Purchase Order Approval Using the Continia Web Approval Portal-Apr 2023
Support for Prepayments-Apr 2023
New Category for Creating Purchase Orders-Apr 2023
Displaying Embedded PDF Files by Default in the Document Viewer-Apr 2023
Ignoring Caption Suggestions-Apr 2023

  1. Unfortunately, it hasn't been possible to complete this feature in time for its original release date. See the feature article for details.
  2. Unfortunately, it will not be possible to complete this feature in time for its original release date. See the feature article for details.

Detailed changelog

For each change to Document Capture, Continia’s detailed changelog is updated with a description of what has changed. You can find the full changelogs here.

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