Enabling the Import of PDF Files with Embedded XML Files (ZUGFeRD, XRechnung)

For the German market, Continia Document Capture supports the import and processing of certain PDF files that have XML documents embedded in them, including the ZUGFeRD and XRechnung formats.

Whenever such files are sent to the OCR service and imported into Document Capture, it's in fact the embedded XML documents that are extracted and processed, which happens automatically upon import. However, for each imported file, the original PDF is also attached to the document in the XMLATTACH document category.


To process data inside extracted XML documents, you must import the XRECHNUNG-CII XML master and identification templates from either Continia Online or the Document Capture product package.

To enable the import of embedded XML files


The following prerequisites and requirements must be met:

  • You must be running version 8 or later of the Document Capture service (OCR).
  • Specifically for on-premises deployments of Microsoft Dynamics NAV/Business Central: You must have an active license for the XML Import module in Document Capture.

For a list of currently supported formats, see Supported Electronic Document Formats.

To enable the import of embedded XML files and configure the way incoming documents are OCR-processed in general, follow these steps:

  1. Choose the Search icon, enter Document Categories, and then choose the related link.
  2. Open the relevant document category. For example, to open the purchase document category, select the PURCHASE line (not the PURCHASE code itself), and then select Edit in the action bar.
  3. On the OCR Processing FastTab, configure the settings as needed, and then enable Process PDF files with XML files by toggling the switch.
  4. Choose the Search icon, enter Export OCR Configuration Files, and then choose the related link. A dialog box confirms that a number of configuration files have been exported. Select OK to close it.

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