Additional Guidelines for Using Continia Document Capture

The following requirements and recommendations apply to both the online version and the on-premises version of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.


We recommend using one of the following web browsers with the latest updates applied:

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Apple Safari
  • Microsoft Edge – version 4.50 or later

Using Internet Explorer can cause errors and rendering issues. If Internet Explorer is the only option, it must be updated to the latest version.

Screen resolution

The screen resolution must be at least 1440 × 900, as lower resolutions will make it difficult to use the Document Capture document viewer properly. We recommend using a screen resolution of 1680 × 1050 or higher.

Note that zooming in your browser or changing your display’s scale and layout settings may disturb the viewing experience, as this isn’t fully supported.

Mobile devices

Most Document Capture features will work on mobile devices, although this isn’t officially supported. This goes for the use of Document Capture in various mobile versions of Dynamics 365, including the mobile web client and the official Business Central app.


Not all Document Capture features are visible or accessible on mobile devices. Even for features that work on mobile devices, the mobile user interface (UI) may look noticeably different from the corresponding computer UI, and certain features may also be accessed differently on mobile devices. For example, the original PDF file is not displayed on mobile devices, but you can download it using the Vertical-dots menu instead (upper-right corner on tablets, lower-right corner on mobile phones).

As for document approval in particular, the Continia Web Approval Portal is fully supported on mobile devices. The Web Approval Portal is a dedicated Continia client, so the use of this lies outside of Business Central. More information can be found here (online) and here (on-premises).


Most Document Capture features will work with Windows Server RemoteApps, although this isn’t officially supported.


Not all Document Capture features are functional when you run Document Capture using RemoteApps. For example, the Document Capture drag-and-drop feature doesn't work as intended, as RemoteApps won't allow you to drag and drop files into the drop zone. As an alternative, you can use the browse function to link your files, which should work as expected.

Technical email requirements

To import a document into Document Capture, you must attach it to an email as a PDF or XML file and then send the email to a predefined Continia email address. Such document-import emails must meet a number of technical requirements, which are listed below:

  • Only unread emails are processed.
  • The internal Microsoft Exchange email format TNEF isn’t supported.
  • Only PDF and XML files are supported.
  • The PDF or XML files must be directly attached to the email. Only files that are directly attached to the email will be processed.
  • Archived or encrypted files containing the PDF or XML files won’t be processed.
  • PDF or XML files that are available as a link in the email body will be ignored.
  • PDF or XML files that are embedded in the email body will be ignored.
  • The filename must not exceed 199 characters.
  • For Continia Online OCR, the maximum email size is 20 MB.
  • The maximum number of pages that can be processed for PDF files is 500.

When a requirement isn’t met, an email will be sent back to the sender of the email with a description of the error. If a PDF or XML file does in fact meet the requirements but somehow can’t be OCR-processed anyway, it will be included in the Documents with Error column, which you can find under Continia Document Capture Activities > Ready to import. This rarely happens though.


Only unread document-import emails will be downloaded and subsequently marked as read. If you or anyone else reads any such emails, those emails will only be downloaded if they're manually marked as unread once they've been read by the user.

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