Upgrading Continia Document Capture for app versions of Business Central

This article describes how to upgrade Document Capture for app versions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. For information on how to upgrade Document Capture for FOB versions of Business Central, see Supported Upgrade Paths for Continia Document Capture (FOB).

All upgrade packages are completely free of charge, and we recommend that you upgrade regularly to benefit from all the new features that are continually added to the application. Note that you must be assisted by your Continia partner whenever you carry out an upgrade.

To upgrade Document Capture

In order to simplify the upgrade process, Continia has developed a PowerShell script which ensures that Document Capture is upgraded correctly and that all dependencies work as intended.

When you execute the script, it automatically scans the folder that it's executed in (including all subfolders) for any existing instances of Document Capture and other Continia apps. If it detects a previous version of an app, it upgrades the app and all dependencies and then uninstalls all old versions. If no app is detected, the script automatically installs the app along with any other necessary apps.


When you upgrade Document Capture using the PowerShell script as described in this guide, the Document Capture OnPremise app is automatically upgraded along with the Continia Document Capture base app.

To upgrade Document Capture using this script, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Continia PartnerZone.

  2. In the menu at the top, select Downloads.

  3. Use the filters to locate the latest version of Document Capture, and select Download to download the upgrade package.


    Once you've downloaded the installation package, you must unblock it in order to be able to extract it properly:

    1. Right-click the downloaded file, and select Properties to open the file properties window.
    2. On the General tab, under Security, select Unblock and then Apply. Close the window when you're done.
  4. Extract the product package to a folder on your computer. From this folder, run the setup.exe file to open the Document Capture installer.

  5. In the installer, select Server Components, and then select your version of Business Central.


    The installer will update the Add-ins folder (client and/or server) in the standard installation path. So if your installation path differs from the standard Microsoft path, be sure to copy the new Add-ins folder to the folder that your installation resides in.

  6. In the app folder, select the folder that matches your Business Central version (your platform), including the correct cumulative update.


    As Continia apps are distributed as runtime packages, you must select the right version. Runtime packages are guaranteed to work only if published to a platform with the same version as the one on which they were created.

  7. To execute the install script, do one of the following:

    • In the folder you selected in the previous step, right-click on Install.ps1 and select Run with PowerShell.
    • Run the script from a PowerShell shell.


    The Install.ps1 script doesn't support upgrading in multi-tenant environments. To upgrade Document Capture in multi-tenant environments, you must run the commands in the install script manually for your installed Continia solutions. For more information, see Installing or Upgrading Continia Apps in Multitenant Environments.

  8. If you have different versions of Business Central installed, select the relevant one in the script.

  9. When asked to select the solution you want to install, select Document Capture.

  10. Select the server instance where the app should be upgraded.

  11. This will initiate the upgrade of Document Capture, which can take 1-2 minutes, depending on the size of your database. On completion, press any key to exit.

When the upgrade is complete, the previous version of Document Capture is unpublished.


After the upgrade, you must download and use a new and updated customer license file from Microsoft.

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