Registering Documents

When you register a document in Continia Document Capture, you essentially turn all of its recognized information into a real business entity in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. For example, by registering a purchase invoice that you’ve received from a vendor, you automatically create a Business Central purchase invoice.

Before you can register a document, all document fields must be captured and have valid values. In the document fields section (under Document Header), you can see if all fields are filled out correctly. If not, you need to make sure this is done before you can register the document.

In the document list, you can also see if the overall document is ready to be registered, as this will be indicated with a checkmark in the OK column. If the document isn’t ready for registration, you should check the Comments section at the bottom to see what needs to be done.

When you register a document, Document Capture sometimes carries out additional validation that may stop the registration. If this happens, you’ll be informed about what to do to complete the registration.

To register a document, follow these steps:

  1. Choose the Search icon, enter Document Categories, and then choose the related link.
  2. Select the code of the relevant document category – for example, PURCHASE – to open the document journal.
  3. In the document list, select the document that you want to register. Select the document line – not the number in the No. column, as this will open the document card.
  4. In the document fields section (under Document Header), check that all fields in the OK column have a check mark. If so, all fields are considered valid. If not, follow the field capturing guides located here and here to ensure that all fields are captured correctly, and generally make sure that all fields have valid values.
  5. Not all field values are captured from the document – some must be added manually instead. The most important one of these is the general ledger account number, which in most cases is mandatory. To add this value, go to G/L Account No. and select the three dots in the Value column to open the G/L Account List. Choose a relevant account in the list by selecting its number in the No. column.
  6. A dialog box appears, asking you if you want to configure the selected account as the default. Select Yes if you want Document Capture to assign this account to all documents using the same source template – otherwise select No. Your response will close the dialog box and add the selected value to the G/L Account No. field.
  7. In the document list, check that there's a check mark in the OK column for the selected document. If so, it's ready to be registered. If not, check the Comments section at the bottom of the document journal, and carry out any required actions specified there.
  8. When there are no more comments and there's a check mark in the OK column for the selected document in the document list, go to the action bar and select Process and then Register.


Depending on your configuration, for example relating to your general ledger accounts or your VAT posting setup, you may receive certain warnings during the registration. Such warnings must be resolved in order for you to be able to register your documents.

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