Setting up Company Identification Texts

Company identification texts are used when you only have one email address for receiving documents and would like these documents to be moved automatically to other companies once you’ve imported them. Most organizations use a separate email address for each company, which means that they don’t have to move documents automatically using company identification texts. For more information, see Moving a Document to Another Company.

When you use company identification texts, you basically tell Continia Document Capture to automatically move any document that contains a specific text specified by you. Each document that contains the specified text will be moved to a company whose name you’ve mapped to this particular text. You can set up multiple company identification texts that all point to the same document. For example, consider the following scenario:

  1. You have a company in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central called CRONUS Holding. However, CRONUS Holding also has the two registered aliases CRONUS Capital and CRONUS Invest. Different vendors use different names when they send you invoices, but all documents should be moved to CRONUS Holding.
  2. You have another company in Business Central called CRONUS Distribution. However, CRONUS Distribution also has the registered alias CRONUS Wholesale. Different vendors use different names when they send you invoices, but all documents should be moved to CRONUS Distribution.

In a scenario like this, you could use company identification texts and map them to the two companies as follows:

Company nameCompany identification text
CRONUS HoldingCRONUS Holding
CRONUS HoldingCRONUS Capital
CRONUS DistributionCRONUS Distribution
CRONUS DistributionCRONUS Wholesale


Avoid using identification texts that aren’t unique to the company that you want to move documents to. As is evident in the example above, using a company identification text such as CRONUS wouldn’t serve the purpose, as it would be impossible for Document Capture to determine whether documents containing this text should be moved to CRONUS Holding or CRONUS Distribution.

Setting up company identification texts

In order to be able to set up company identification texts, you must have two or more companies set up in Business Central, and Document Capture must be activated and set up in all of these.

To set up company identification texts, follow these steps:

  1. Choose the Search icon, enter Company Identification Texts, and then choose the related link.
  2. In the action bar, select New.
  3. A new line is added to the table. In the Company Name column, select the company that you want to move incoming documents to.
  4. In the Identification Text column, enter a text that uniquely identifies the selected company in the incoming documents.
  5. Repeat steps 2-4 for every company identification text that you want to use.

When you’ve entered the number of company identification texts you need, you must enable automatic transfer of documents for each of the document categories in which documents should be moved automatically upon import. To do this, see Moving documents to other companies automatically.

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