Upgrading to the Latest Version

This article provides details on how to upgrade to the latest version of Continia Document Capture in the online version of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. You can find guidelines for the on-premises version of Business Central here. Upgrading to the newest version of Document Capture is completely free, and we recommend that you upgrade regularly, as we're continually adding new functionality to improve the solution.


Every new version of Document Capture that's released in Business Central online is only available for the latest version of Business Central. If you have an older version of Business Central and want to install the newest version of Document Capture, you must first upgrade your version of Business Central to the latest one.

To upgrade Document Capture, follow these steps:

  1. In the upper-right corner, choose the Settings icon, and then select Admin Center to open the Business Central administration center.
  2. In the administration center, under Environments, select the environment in which you want to upgrade Document Capture. Note that Microsoft recommends that you test app updates in a sandbox environment first.
  3. Follow the Microsoft guide on how to install app updates.

For more useful information on the upgrade process, see Microsoft's article on managing apps in general.


It's strongly recommended that you follow the above approach, as this ensures that Document Capture and all dependency apps are updated correctly. It also ensures that all apps remain available following the upgrade process, even if the upgrade was somehow unsuccessful.

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