Managing Electronic Documents in Finland

As a customer based in Finland, you have the option to exchange electronic documents through the Peppol eDelivery Network. Additionally, you can receive electronic documents directly into Continia Document Capture via email attachments.

Finland has been implementing electronic invoicing for over two decades now. Since 2021, the Finnish Government and sub-national public administrations only accept and process electronic invoices that comply with the EN standard. Three formats are used in Finland:

  • Finvoice 3.0
  • Peppol BIS 3.0

By 2022, almost 90% of all B2B invoices and 98% of all B2G invoices were sent as electronic invoices. 68% of the B2G invoices were compliant with the Peppol standard, which led to the decision for state-level procurement to move forward with this standard.

From April 2024, the Finnish Government requires its suppliers to be able to exchange Peppol order and order response messages. This requirement will not be enforced by law but through procurement contracts.

Based on past experience, the B2B sector is likely to follow the public example once again. Therefore, Finland is closely monitoring the development of the future PINT format for Peppol, as well as the extension of supported document types for Advanced Ordering and Peppol Logistics.

The table below outlines the current regulatory states and future outlooks for B2G, B2B, and B2C (business-to-consumer) sectors.

Transaction TypeCurrent Regulatory StateRegulatory Outlook
B2GElectronic invoicing has been mandatory since 2021.

Since April 2024, it has been mandatory to exchange Orders and Order response messages via Peppol.

Checkmark Supported by Document Capture.
Checkmark Supported by Document Output.1
The Finnish Government is monitoring the development of the Peppol PINT format and the specifications for Advanced Ordering and Logistics.

No planned legislation has been communicated.

Planned to be supported by Document Capture.
B2BNo legislation is in place.

Electronic invoicing is widely used in the B2B sector, but there are three different formats in use.

Checkmark Supported by Document Capture.
Checkmark Supported by Document Output.1
The use of Peppol by B2B is expected to increase, but no legislation is planned.
B2CNo legislation is in place.No changes are expected.

  1. Document Output supports sending Peppol BIS 3.0 Invoice and Credit Memos.The TEAPPSXML format is currently not supported.