Setting up Search Texts for a Template

You can set up search texts either directly in a vendor template or from the document journal. Normally, you’ll do it in the document journal when processing documents, as this is typically where you find out that Document Capture hasn’t identified the correct vendor for a document.

To set up search texts for a template from the document journal, follow these steps:

  1. Choose the Search icon, enter Document Categories, and then choose the related link.
  2. Select the code of the relevant document category – for example, PURCHASE – to open the document journal.
  3. In the document list, select the document whose template you want to add search texts to. Select the document line – not the number in the No. column, as this will open the document card.
  4. Select the Search Text field for the chosen document line. Note that in order to view the Search Text column, you may have to move right in the document list using the scroll box (depending on your screen size).
  5. For PDF documents, you can do either of the following:
    1. Manually enter any free-text keyword(s) that you want to use as search text.
    2. Use existing text from the document image by left-clicking and holding the button to draw a blue box around the relevant text in the image (as when capturing template field values).
  6. For XML documents, you must enter a free-text keyword manually, as capturing image text isn't an option.
  7. If you want to add more than one search text, select the three dots on the right of the Search Text field to open the Template Search Texts page.
  8. Select a new line, and enter the new text in the Search Text column. Repeat this process for every additional text you want to add, and select Close when you're done.


It’s important to pay special attention to what words you use as search texts, as they could result in an incorrect vendor match if they’re not unique to a specific vendor. For example, if you’ve used the search text "Freight" for the vendor DHL, Document Capture may also identify this word in documents from other vendors than DHL, such as UPS. This means that the same template will be used for two different vendors, which is undesirable. To solve this issue, make sure you add search texts that are unique to one specific vendor, such as a bank account number or a phone number.

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