Overview of Purchase Approval

Continia Document Capture features a full approval workflow that enables you to approve documents after they’ve been received, scanned, and registered. This covers three overall methods of approval, multiple additional approval features and options, and two different approval clients, all to ensure that you get the flexibility you need to decide what's right for your particular organization.

For an overview of the various aspects of Document Capture purchase approval, check out the table below:

Learn about standard purchase approval and how to apply it to a purchase documentStandard Purchase Approval
Assign an approval flow (a list of approvers) to a purchase document as an alternative to standard purchase approvalUsing Approval Flows
Get an overview of the various approval clients and methods (the Continia Web Approval Portal and Microsoft Dynamics NAV/Business Central)Different Approval Clients
Perform any approval-related action using the dedicated Purchase Approval Entries pagePurchase Approval Entries
Approve documents using the Continia Web Approval PortalContinia Web Approval Portal
Delete or edit approval requests, including adding and changing approversEditing Approval Requests
Understand how and when to use approval sharingApproval Sharing
Learn about four-eyes approval and the two overall methods of approver identification (manual or automatic)Four-Eyes Approval
Apply force approval in cases where you need to override the usual approval flowForce Approval
Understand the ins and outs of advanced approval, covering the approval of document lines based on dimensions and amount limitsAdvanced Approval

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