Setting up Order and Receipt Matching

With Continia Document Capture, you can have all incoming invoices and credit memos matched against related documents (for instance, invoices can be matched with corresponding purchase orders and receipts) to ensure that everything checks out and that, for example, invoices are ready for payment. This can be done either manually by you or automatically by Document Capture.

The manual procedure requires no setup at all, whereas automatic matching must be enabled and configured according to the needs and wants of your organization. To do this, see the table below for a list of useful links:

Enable and configure automatic matching, including variancesConfiguring Automatic Matching
Enable and configure line matching, including variancesSetting up Line Matching
Set up a job queue to match documents automatically in bulkMatching Documents Using a Job Queue
Activate automatic approval of purchase documents that match related documents within predetermined variancesEnabling Auto-Approval
Enable Document Capture to check if documents have been matched before they're registeredSetting up Matching Checks Before Registration

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