Document Matching Improvements Regarding Units of Measure

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Document matching improvements regarding units of measure-N/A


This feature is planned to be released in a service pack later in the spring of 2024.

Business value

By resolving the issues that exist with invoices matched against orders with differing units of measure (UOM), Continia Document Capture will streamline the matching process for users dealing with such UOM discrepancies.

Feature details

A recurring problem for many organizations is the inability to match purchase invoices and purchase orders that have lines with the same line amount but with different units of measure (and different unit costs), as in the following example:

Document line typeItem numberQuantity and UOMUnit costLine amount
Purchase order lineItem 1900-S12 pieces$5.00$60.00
Purchase invoice lineItem 1900-S2 boxes$30.00$60.00

This feature will resolve any such issues and ensure a smooth reconciliation between invoices and orders despite differences in units of measure and unit costs.