Data Maintenance Using Job Queues for Continia Document Capture Tables

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Data maintenance using job queues for Continia Document Capture tablesCheckmark Mar 2024Checkmark Apr 2024

Business value

Introducing a number of cleanup job queues for tables like CDC Document (6085590) and CDC Document Word (6085592) will enable you to automate the cleanup process, thereby ensuring smoother handling of document-related data. By automating the deletion of captured words, generated values, and entire documents based on the status and age of each document, the feature will simplify data management, significantly reduce manual effort, streamline the database, and substantially improve overall system performance.

Feature details

Job queues for the following activities will be added:

  • Delete words and values based on document status.
  • Delete words and values based on document age (based on setup fields).
  • Delete document and all related files and data from storage (such as emails, PDFs, metadata, images, or XMLs).

If you use a job queue to delete words or values, the CDC Document Word and CDC Document Value tables will be cleaned up automatically, whereas using the job queue to delete an entire document and its related data will result in an automatic cleanup of all the tables and files/objects below:

  • CDC Document table
  • CDC Document Word table
  • CDC Document Value table
  • CDC Document Email table
  • CDC Document Page table
  • CDC Document Comment table
  • BLOBs or files with data

For more information, see Setting up Data Maintenance.

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