Displaying OIOUTS Documents in the Continia Web Approval Portal

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Displaying OIOUTS documents in the Continia Web Approval PortalCheckmark Mar 2023Checkmark Apr 2023

Business value

As attachments to OIOUBL files, OIOUTS (UtilityStatement) documents provide you with more details than the OIOUBL files themselves. For example, an OIOUTS document may provide a more detailed view of an OIOUBL invoice. Such additional details will make it easier for you to approve incoming business documents in the Web Approval Portal.

Feature details

The feature will ensure that OIOUTS documents can be displayed in the Web Approval Portal. In the portal, when you select an OIOUBL document that has been sent for approval, any related OIOUTS documents will be listed as attachments under Attachments. When you then select a listed OIOUTS document, it will be displayed in the document viewer on the right.