New Purchase Contracts Module

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New Purchase Contracts module-Checkmark Oct 2022

Business value

The Purchase Contracts module makes it easy for you to manage your purchase contracts and have them reviewed regularly to ensure timely action. It provides you with an excellent overview of your contracts and subscriptions and streamlines the contract review process extensively, thereby facilitating correct invoicing and saving you substantial amounts of both time and money.

In addition, the module enables you to have purchase documents approved automatically upon registration if their amounts relate to contract amounts within a specified variance. This makes it possible for you to significantly optimize efficiency and free up lots of time and resources for other important jobs and processes within your organization.

Feature details

The module is built around four major components:

  • The Purchase Contracts overview page, which provides both administrators and reviewers with all relevant information
  • User-friendly review functionality, including:
    • New purchase contract review capabilities in the Continia Web Approval Portal
    • A number of easily accessible Role Center Cues to make it even easier for administrators and reviewers to navigate through the process
  • Automatic approval of purchase documents that are linked to purchase contracts, including the option of setting up amount tolerances
  • A comprehensive archive that allows you to view the history of any purchase contract for statistical or other purposes

For more information, see Overview of Purchase Contracts and the list of key features for Purchase Contracts.