Automatic Creation of Purchase Contracts Based on Historical Invoice Data

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Automatic creation of purchase contracts based on historical invoice data-Checkmark Oct 2023

Business value

This feature will allow you to save substantial amounts of time by automating the management of invoices through the Purchase Contracts module. By letting the module handle your recurring invoices for you, you not only streamline the process and optimize efficiency but also minimize the risk of human error and ensure a very high level of accuracy.

Feature details

Using artificial intelligence, the Purchase Contracts module can detect patterns in your incoming invoices and determine if any of them are recurring and suitable for automatic handling by a purchase contract. If this is the case, a notification will appear at the top of your Business Central user interface, notifying you that it might be a good idea to let the Purchase Contracts module handle this and similar future invoices automatically.

To provide a personalized experience, the notification differs depending on whether or not you've already enabled the Purchase Contracts module, and so do the various user flows that the notification invites you to initiate. Either way, if you decide to select any of the actions suggested by the notification, you'll be guided through the process smoothly and efficiently, enabling you to get up and running in no time.

The module will automatically create one or more purchase contracts based on the historical data of the identified recurring invoices. You can choose to go ahead and create a purchase contract right away based on the module's suggestion and prefilled data (provided that you've already enabled the module), or you can open an overview of all possible purchase contracts identified by the module to see if everything checks out.

For more information, see Creating Purchase Contracts Based on Invoice History.

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