Selecting or Deselecting All Records When Exporting or Importing Configurations

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Selecting or deselecting all records when exporting or importing configurations-Checkmark Oct 2023

Business value

The ability to select or deselect all records in bulk will save you a considerable amount of time, as you'll no longer have to manually select or clear every single configuration record checkbox to perform such batch operations.

Feature details

When you import or export a configuration using the Document Capture Assisted Setup Guide, you can now easily select or deselect all configuration records in one go. You do this in the upper-left corner of the Select what to include page, simply by selecting Data and then Include All or Exclude All. This will select or clear all checkboxes in the Include column, depending on which of the two options you select.


An article describing the Document Capture Assisted Setup Guide including information about the above feature will be published as soon as possible following the release of Continia Document Capture 2023 R2.