Secure Archive

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Secure Archive-Checkmark Oct 2023

Business value

With the Secure Archive, you get a solution that meets the increasing global demand for secure digital document storage while complying with relevant legal requirements. By keeping your electronic documents for bookkeeping safe and sound in their original form and logging all document activity at all times, the archive brings reliability, accountability, and peace of mind to your business and ensures that you no longer have to worry about document originality, traceability, and compliance.

Feature details

The Secure Archive preserves and ensures the integrity of the incoming digital documents that your organization uses for bookkeeping. From the moment the documents enter Document Capture or Expense Management and all the way through the archive period defined by you, they're kept safe and protected from accidental deletion and undesirable modifications. Throughout the process, the Secure Archive adheres to applicable regulatory requirements.

Every document that's stored in the Secure Archive remains fully traceable for the duration of the specified archive period. The archive provides you with a clear and complete record of the financial documents you process using Document Capture and/or Expense Management, accessible whenever you might need it. This level of traceability can be useful in audits, compliance checks, and financial assessments, among many other things.

The Secure Archive also comes with a built-in logging feature that automatically records every step in the processing of your financial documents, from receipt to posting. This ensures transparency and accountability in your financial processes, making it easier to track the history and status of each document. If you wish, you can actually enable this logging feature separately from the Secure Archive, thus having full flexibility to set things up as you please.

With the Secure Archive, Document Capture and Expense Management have achieved certification in Germany as audit-compliant document management systems ("AC-DMS ready", known in Germany as "PK-DML ready"): VOI Compliance Certificate.

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