Notification of Remaining Pages in OCR Licenses

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Notification of remaining pages in OCR licenses-Checkmark Oct 2023

Business value

Running out of pages in your OCR license unexpectedly can cause delays and frustration, as you'll effectively have to manually track usage yourself to avoid sudden stops in the processing of documents. By notifying you of the number of remaining OCR pages at a given time, Continia Document Capture will make it easier for you to stay on top of your usage and take action before running out, thereby improving your overall experience, optimizing your document processing, and reducing disruptions to your workflows.

Feature details

With the new notification feature, Document Capture can notify users in your organization whenever you're about to reach your monthly quota of OCR pages. You can easily configure when you want such notifications to be displayed – for example, when there are 100 pages left – and the notifications will only be shown on a number of relevant pages, such as the document journal and the Role Center.

Each notification will provide users with a clear indication of how many pages are left before the limit is reached. This will enable them to take proactive action, such as purchasing more pages or adjusting their usage, before you run out of OCR pages and risk having documents moved to the error folder.


The notification feature will only be available for on-premises installations of Document Capture. Also, note that documents won't be moved to the error folder if you use Continia Cloud OCR – this will only happen when you use on-premises OCR.

For more information, see Getting Notified of Remaining OCR License Pages.

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