List of Documents Requiring Special Attention with Regard to the Secure Archive

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List of documents requiring special attention with regard to the Secure ArchiveCheckmark Mar 2024Checkmark Apr 2024

Business value

Currently, whenever there's a hash issue with a document stored in the Secure Archive, you're not notified of this issue – you have to manually navigate to the posted document and then from there to the Document Log Summary page in order to find out. With the introduction of this feature, a centrally placed list will notify you up front of any hash check issues, so that you can take proactive action immediately.

Feature details

The Secure Archive uses hash functions to ensure the originality of each document that's stored in the archive. To do this, it assigns a hash value to each imported document, calculates a hash value again when the document is viewed or posted, and then checks that hash value against the original hash value. If the hash check fails – that is, if the two values don't match – the document has somehow been altered and no longer matches the original document.

With this feature, you'll get easy access to a list of all documents for which a hash check has failed. The list will be featured in a central and prominent place and will enable you to access the Document Log Summary for more details.

In terms of functionality, the feature is related to the List of Documents for Which Activity Log Entries Have Been Created Between Approval and Posting.

For more information, see Document Control Log.