List of Documents for Which Activity Log Entries Have Been Created Between Approval and Posting

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List of documents for which activity log entries have been created between approval and postingCheckmark Mar 2024Checkmark Apr 2024

Business value

Having a central list of documents that need checking due to post-approval modification makes it easy – and more likely – for you to identify approved documents that have been handled incorrectly. Currently, you must first suspect that something is amiss with a specific approved document and then analyze it manually yourself to determine if your suspicion was justified. This feature renders such manual detection unnecessary by automatically generating an excellent overview of all approved documents that may be of interest in this regard.

Feature details

When an incoming document is processed or modified, an entry is created in the activity log to document the action. This feature will give you easy access to a list of all documents for which such activity log entries have been created between approval and posting. This time span is particularly interesting, as any document change carried out following the approval of a document is likely to change the basis of the document approval and is therefore worth investigating.

In terms of functionality, the feature is related to the List of Documents Requiring Special Attention with Regard to the Secure Archive.

For more information, see Document Control Log.