Integration to the Microsoft QR-Bill Management App for Switzerland

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Integration to the Microsoft QR-Bill Management app for SwitzerlandCheckmark Mar 2024Checkmark Apr 2024

Business value

This feature provides direct integration between Continia Document Capture and the QR-Bill Management app developed by Microsoft for the Swiss market. This means that you no longer have to purchase and install any third-party software in order to use QR-Bill Management.

Feature details

Whenever a purchase invoice with a QR code is imported into Document Capture, the QR code is read automatically by Document Capture. However, a third-party app is currently needed in order for the QR data to be mapped to the correct invoice fields when you use the QR-Bill Management app.

The new feature will incorporate functionality that's similar to that of the third-party app directly into Document Capture, thereby rendering the need for any third-party software unnecessary. If you have the QR-Bill Management app installed, the feature will automatically make sure that any captured QR data is copied directly into QR-Bill Management.

An article with more details about this feature will be published no later than April 30, 2024.