New Template Fields – Vendor Remit-To and Customer Ship-To

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New template fields – Vendor Remit-To and Customer Ship-To-Oct 2023

Business value

By adding two new fields to the PDF master template and making them available for selection straight from the document card before document registration, this feature will make it much easier for North American users to select remit-to and ship-to addresses for incoming purchase and sales documents in Continia Document Capture.

Feature details

For the North American localization (NA), the following two template fields will be added to the PDF master template:

  • Vendor Remit-To – added to the PURCHASE and PURCHORDER categories
  • Customer Ship-To – added to the SALES category

The fields relate to standard Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central remit-to and ship-to fields, such as Remit-to Code and Ship-to Code. With the new fields, you'll be able to select alternative remit-to and ship-to addresses straight from the document card, in case the actual addresses differ from the default ones. This means that you'll no longer have to go through the hassle of first registering a document and then manually adding an address code to the registered document. Instead, the new functionality will allow you to do all this in a single operation from the relevant document card.