New Danish Bookkeeping – Demands for Electronic Invoicing

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New Danish bookkeeping – demands for electronic invoicing-Apr 2024

Business value

Staying compliant with evolving regulatory requirements is crucial. This feature will ensure that Continia eDocuments complies with all the rules and regulations of the new Danish Bookkeeping Act (Act No.700 of 24 May 2022), which was passed by the Danish Parliament in 2022.

Feature details

With the implementation of the new Danish Bookkeeping Act, Danish organizations will be required to:

  • Send and receive invoices electronically.
  • Send electronic invoice responses in order to confirm the receipt of each invoice.

Continia eDocuments will accommodate and meet these new legal requirements, enabling you to do the same. In general, Continia maintains a strong focus on the changes in European and international law and will make sure that Continia eDocuments supports any functionality that may be required by such legal changes.

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