Continia eDocuments

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Continia eDocuments-Apr 2024

Business value

With the implementation of Continia eDocuments, Continia Document Capture will be your organization's hub for the exchange and management of electronic business documents, covering everything from sending item catalogs and purchase orders to receiving order confirmations and invoices. Providing a flexible, streamlined, and neatly organized framework for the exchange of electronic documents (XML documents), it will give you excellent control of – and insights into – your document flows and enable you to identify and fix errors in your documents before they're sent. In short, Continia eDocuments will ensure smooth digital transactions and document workflows, significantly simplifying your daily business operations. And by automating the procure-to-pay process, it will save you substantial amounts of time.

In terms of legal compliance, Continia eDocuments will help you to stay compliant with the applicable directives and regulations of the European Union and similar local legislation (such as the new Danish Bookkeeping Act for Danish organizations). For more information, see New Danish Bookkeeping – Demands for Electronic Invoicing.

Feature details

Continia eDocuments will make it easy for you to handle virtually all of your business documents from one place, whether it's sending or receiving item catalogs, purchase orders, order confirmations, sales orders, dispatch advice documents, sales invoices, or other types of documents. Using the Continia Delivery Network, the new feature will facilitate the electronic exchange of business documents throughout the procure-to-pay process and provide a clear overview of your documents, making it possible for you to stay in charge and take action if necessary.

Document data will be saved in a structured way using a set of predefined tables, enabling Document Capture to render and display the documents in the well-known formats of pages and tables, familiar to all users of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. This will, for example, allow you to filter on specific values to find the ones you're looking for.

Continia eDocuments will be able to inform you that any electronic document you're about to send is invalid, thereby enabling you to resolve the issues before the document is sent. And if vendors are unable to deliver any ordered items to you, they'll be able to notify you directly using order response documents, so that you can update the original purchase order based on the vendor information in the order responses.

For more information, see Continia eDocuments.