Checking for Phone Numbers to Avoid Fraud

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Checking for phone numbers to avoid fraudCheckmark Mar 2024Checkmark Apr 2024

Business value

To minimize fraud, additional checks will be added for any captured phone numbers.

Feature details

To check that all phone numbers captured in incoming documents already exist for the relevant vendors in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, a new field, Vendor Phone No., has been added to the Purchase and Purchase Order master templates for PDF documents. The field property Required is set to False by default, but this can easily be changed.

The Is Valid codeunit that's applied to the new template field checks that any phone number captured in a document actually exists for the vendor who sent the document. The codeunit then validates the recognized value against the Phone No. field on the Vendor Card. If the recognized phone number doesn't exist or is different from the one on the Vendor Card, an error-type comment is created (this can be customized through configuration though).


The function validates digits only. All other characters are ignored in the check.

For more information, see Setting up Fraud Checks.